Avengers Grimm

Avengers Grimm

Avengers Grimm is a 2015 American superhero film co-edited and directed by Jeremy M. Inman. The film, produced by B-movie film company The Asylum, stars Casper Van Dien, Lou Ferrigno, Kimo Leopoldo, Lauren Parkinson, Milynn Sarley, Marah Fairclough, Rileah Vanderbilt, and Elizabeth Peterson. This movie is a thriller of the Marvel Studios’ superhero movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and the ABC television series “Once Upon a Time”.

Avengers Grimm
Avengers Grimm

The kingdom of Snow White and Prince Charming is under attack by Rumpelstiltskin’s brainwashed Thrall army. After killing the prince, Rumple faces Snow in the throne room. He wants to visit the magic mirror, which can serve as a gateway to a land without magic, where he can rule without challenge. What followed was a battle that caused them to fall through the entrance of the mirror and enter another world.

Later, “Cinderella”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “Rapunzel” appeared, noting the time that has passed since the battle, and how time in another world moved faster than them. They joined with Red Riding Hood, who was tracking down Rumpelstiltskin’s right-hand man, Wolf. After surviving the battle, the wolf attacked them. He pointed Red at the mirror, shattered it, and then embedded the fragments on her shoulders. The princess followed them.

They arrived in Los Angeles, but couldn’t find Red and Wolf. They tried to find “Snow White”, but they met with hostility from the bar. They were quickly rescued by Snow, who became freedom fighters for the past six months. She took them to the hideout and explained that Rumpelstiltskin managed to gain some power by becoming mayor Heart; he continued to secretly brainwash the people and rebuilt his Thrall army. The princess tells Snow about Reid’s magic mirror fragment and learns that this is the only way back home. Snow handed them the fashion magazine and told them to blend in.

Avengers Grimm
Avengers Grimm

Reid continued to track down the wolf, but eventually caused the anger of local gang leader “Iron” John. John believes in order and does not tolerate chaos. Red, Wolf and John were all arrested, although Red escaped and was eventually rescued by her friends in the ensuing battle. Mayor Heart visited John and Wolfe, released the wolf, and promised John’s “command”; he turned John into an iron that fits his nickname.

They managed to track Snow’s team and engaged in a battle in which Heart was captured by Red and Snow. Because of the princess’s immunity, he brainwashed Red to Thrall, and when he took over the world, he tried to lure Snow into his queen. After being rejected, Heart used his magic to increase the power of the fragments and opened the door to the fairy tale world.

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Cinderella fights Red, trying to make Red remember her true self. Iron John saw Heart lie to him and shattered the pieces, sacrificing himself to close the portal. Snow and Heart fight again. The heart was dead, Snow froze because of her power, saving her from death for some reason. The princess and Reid decided to find another way to return home and help Snow’s revival.

Directed by
Jeremy M. Inman (directed by)

Writing Credits
Jeremy M. Inman (written by)

Casper Van Dien as Rumpelstiltskin
Lauren Parkinson as Snow White
Lou Ferrigno as Iron John
Milynn Sarley as Cinderella
Marah Fairclough as Sleeping Beauty
Rileah Vanderbilt as Rapunzel
Elizabeth Peterson as Red
Kimo Leopoldo as The Wolf
Andrew E. Tilles as Tucker
Justine Herron as Jessica
Henry Foster Brown as Officer LaGuardia (as Henry Brown)
Jonathan Medina as Jack
Jonathan Nation as Officer Biggs
Daniel Nemes as Officer Ernst

Andrew Pinon as Officer Lyau
Pete Capella as Officer Mathias
Cale Schultz as Head Thrall
Adam Night as Jenkins
Kevin Yarbrough as Homeless Man
DuJuan Korei as Mark
Bryan Dietzman as Under Boss Henchman
Beach Eastwood as Under Boss Henchman
Brian Gilleece as SWAT Team Member
Brandon Greenawalt as SWAT Team Officer
Justy Hutchins as Nurse
Paul Kearschner as Biker
Ryan Mckenney as Thrall / monster
Corey Weber as Head Thrall
Chris Yong as SWAT Team Officer
Nickolas Nielsen as Thrall / Corrupt Cop (uncredited)

Release Dates
Pakistan : 10 April 2015
USA : 14 April 2015
Germany : 24 April 2015
UK : 4 May 2015
Netherlands : 21 May 2015
Italy : 18 November 2015

Also Known As
(original title) : Avengers Grimm
Brazil : Avengers Grimm
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) : Отмъстителите Грим
Germany (DVD title) : Avengers Grimm – Eine Schlacht die ihresgleichen sucht
Germany (3-D version) : Avengers Grimm – Eine Schlacht die ihresgleichen sucht 3D
Japan (Japanese title) : グリム・アベンジャーズ
Russia : Мстители: Гримм
UK (DVD title) : Avengers Grimm
USA : Avengers Grimm

Filming Locations
Los Angeles, California, USA

Music by
Chris Ridenhour

John DeFazio

Edited by
Ana Florit
Jeremy M. Inman

Production Company
The Asylum

Distributed by
The Asylum

Release date
April 14, 2015

Running time
85 minutes

United States


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