Aztec Rex

Aztec Rex

Aztec Rex, also known as Ayteca, is a film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and directed by Ian Ziering ) Starring. The film debuted on the cable channel Syfy in 2008. The film was mainly shot at the Kualoa Ranch on Oahu, Hawaii.

Aztec Rex
Aztec Rex

On the coast of Mexico in 1521, a group of Aztecs worshipped and sacrificed a pair of living Tyrannosaurus rex. Later, a group of conquerors led by Hernán Cortés arrived at the site and ventured into the forest camp. A Tyrannosaurus crossed the path of one of the conquerors and swallowed Cortez’s horse. His conquerors did not believe his story, and continued to adventure in the dense forest.

An Aztec who didn’t know the Tyrannosaurus was eaten, and another person who witnessed the incident showed deep fear and surprise. Later, the conqueror tried to kill the Aztec tribe, but was slept by a hidden Aztec with a stabilizer dart. Hernán Cortés surrendered and demanded a truce, but realized that they could not understand him.

He said to himself that they were barbarians and did not realize that the chief could understand Spanish, so he was eliminated. After regaining consciousness, he met a Spanish-speaking female Aztec. She told him that the Aztecs called Tyrannosaurus “Thunder Lizard”.

Aztec Rex
Aztec Rex

Later, Hernán Cortés was regarded as a victim, but was released by his new friend Gria. According to reports, due to Hernan’s fault, the female as the chief’s daughter was swallowed by one of the Tyrannosaurus.

The chief was provoked, but he didn’t know that his daughter Ayakotel was actually alive, and her friend was eaten. The chief ordered all the conquerors to sacrifice, but when his daughter returned, his mind changed. When Tyrannosaurus rex killed another Aztec girl, her daughter’s marriage was postponed.

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The conquerors began the task of killing the Tyrannosaurus with cannons and rifles. They successfully killed a companion and killed the male. In the evening, Cortez and his soldiers robbed the Golden Temple and tried to escape to the coast.

They handed Lieutenant Rios and Sergeant Mendoza to the Aztecs because they were friendly to them. On the way to the coast, all species except Cortez were swallowed by female Tyrannosaurus rex.

Sergeant Menosa was fatally wounded by Tyrannosaurus. Rios and Shaman Xocozin set out to try to kill the animal, but Rios is secretly drugged by Xocozin who tried to kill him. Xocozin left Rios’ fate and went straight to the village chief, where he discovered his betrayal.

Xocozin fought the chief, who was fatally injured. In the end, Ayacoatl and Fra Gria found Rios, and they married them. Xocozin was fatally wounded by Rios on the altar. Then, Ayacoatl severed Xovozin’s heart and used it as a bait for the female Tyrannosaurus, who was subsequently killed in a gunpowder explosion.

Fra Gia and Cortes were picked up by a Spanish ship, but Rios warned him not to return to the valley, and Cortes conquered the Aztec empire Never did this. Fra Gia returned to Spain and became the saint and inventor of sangria. Ayakotel and Rios became the rulers of the tribe.

Directed by
Brian Trenchard-Smith

Writing Credits
Richard Manning (written by)

Ian Ziering as Cortés
Marco Sanchez as Ríos
Kalani Queypo as Xocozin
Dichen Lachman as Ayacoatl
George Allen Gumapac as Matlal (as Allen Gumapac)
William Snow as Mendoza (as Will Snow)
James Locke as Lt. Duran
Jack McGee as Gria
Shawn Lathrop as Alvarado
Milan Tresnak as Juarez
Marc Antonio as Gonzalez
Zoe Chun-de la Cruz as Nenetl
No’u Revilla asTlaco
David Hall as Yaotl
Grisel Toledo as Cualli
Travis Rose as Matlal Guard #1
Christopher Latronic as Xocozin Warrior #2 (as Chris Latronic)

Release Dates
USA : 20 October 2007 (Hawaii Film Festival)
USA : 10 May 2008 (TV premiere)
USA : 5 August 2008 (DVD premiere)
Portugal : 28 February 2011

Also Known As
(original title) : Tyrannosaurus Azteca
Brazil : Tiranossauro Azteca
Czech Republic : Tyranosaurus: Zhouba Aztéků
France (TV title) : Aztec Rex
Germany : Aztec Rex – Bestie aus der Urzeit
Hungary : Azték Rex – Az őslény legendája
Poland : Aztecki tyranozaur
Portugal : Perigo Azteca
Russia : Тиранозавр ацтеков
Spain : Aztec rex
USA (TV title) : Aztec Rex

Filming Locations
Kualoa Ranch – 49560 Kamehameha Highway, Ka’a’awa, O’ahu, Hawaii, USA
Turtle Bay, O’ahu, Hawaii, USA

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