Black Ghost

Black Ghost

Black Ghost is a former commando who lives in a city controlled by criminals. Although he promised to stop the killing, he still lives on the contract of the highest bidder.

Black Ghost
Black Ghost

After the murder of a famous couple, their daughter hired a notorious mercenary to pursue the perpetrators and bring them to justice. When he sets about completing the contract, his own rules are in danger of being broken.

Black Ghost
Black Ghost

Based on the original graphic novel, Black Ghost Street, Schilwa, “The Black Ghost is a crime thriller set in the Perth Gang War. Catya Vukovic, the daughter of the late Serbian gangster, hires the Black Ghost to make her treat those who Murdered her father to avenge a mysterious figure. Black Ghost ventured into the underground world to complete his work, but the power behind the scenes is so numerous that it is far beyond people’s sight.”

Directed by
Kat Goddard

Writing Credits
Sean Schliwa (graphic novel)
Sean Schliwa (screenplay by) (as Sean Schilwa)

Sean Schliwa as Noose Edgoroe (Black Ghost)
Tammie West as Catya Vukovic
Tristan Balz as Robert Vukovic
Ron Arthurs as Moshos Regitti
Anthony Ciccotosto as Kyle Regitti
Dimitrios Christodoulakis as Carmine Regitti
Peter Sydney-Smith as Daniel Vukovic
Genevieve Newman as Ellie Vukovich
Maggie Meyer as Captain Jones
Andy Gray as Charlie Brolo
Anna Renata as Miriam
Chewe Nkole as Lushas Hunwai

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Daniel Brodie as Officer Tosca
Anna Philp as Officer Rogers
Brett Vradis as Bulldog Manhatten
Zhygimantas Shimkus as Luke Regitti
Casey Gemmell as Officer Sandras
Frank Humphreys as Francis Cosso
Anthony Chila as Lincoln
Scott Shortland as Goon
James Ajayi as Jarmole
Guy Anderson as Bodyguard
Kyle Antony as Club Extra
Dave Axel as Goon

Sumari Botha as Club Extra
Amanda Corrie as Hospital Nurse
Jeremy Darling as Club Extra
Bobbie-Jo Davis as Club Extra
Emilia Effendi as Reporter 2
Brenden Elliott as Club Extra
Bruce England as Bar Extra
Stacey Fabish as Forensic Officer
Matthew Fletcher as Bar Extra
Julian Gemmell as Bar Extra
Elijah James as Gambler (as Elijah Fragomeni)

Jimi Kilday as Uniformed Police Officer
Jimi Kilday as Uniformed Policeman
Russell Lambe as Bar Extra
Alexis Mercer as Bar Extra
Casey Nikola as Club Extra
Brent Notley as Club Extra
Fleur Pereira as Forensic Officer
Guillermo Ramirez as Club Extra
Sam Rodwell as Club Extra
Craig Somerville as Goon

Ian Spratt as Goon
Christian Tamaszewshi as Club Extra
Chantal Till as Bar Extra
Giovanni Trilleras as Forensic Officer
Nika Velebir as Uniformed Police Officer
Chris Vradis as Bar Extra
Frances Walley as Club Extra
Julia Marie Warnes as Plain Clothes Detective
Robert Whitten as Forensic Officer
Nick Wilson as Goon
Blake Wintle as Goon
Yamina as Club Extra

Release Dates
Australia : 28 May 2018

Also Known As
(original title) : Black Ghost
UK : Black Ghost

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