Bleeding Steel (2017) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Bleeding Steel (2017) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

“Bleeding Steel 2017” is a Sino-Australian science fiction “cyberpunk” action film, starring and directed by Leo Zhang and Jackie Chan. The film was released in China on December 22, 2017. Lionsgate Premiere screened the film in theaters and VOD on July 6, 2018.

Bleeding Steel
Bleeding Steel

Bleeding Steel : Hong Kong Special Representative Lin Dong was told that his daughter Xixi (who had leukemia) was critically ill. He speeds up to the hospital, but tells him on the way to his colleague Xiao Su that the key witness is in danger. Agent Lin stopped outside the hospital, stopped, and then turned to protect the important witness, Dr. James.

Bleeding Steel 2
Bleeding Steel 2

Before the police broke in and escorted him, Dr. James injected himself with chemicals stored in the mechanical heart. They were ambushed by people wearing exotic black armor and high-tech weapons. They were led by a behemoth named Andre, and almost all of them were killed. At the same time, Xixi died in the hospital. Before Andre could call himself Dr. James, Lin Dong managed to knock him into a gas tank with his car.

When Andre proved unable to resist the impact of the car and the bullets Lin Dong fired at him, Lin Dong instead shot the fuel tank, causing a huge explosion. Both Lin Dong and Andre later survived, although Andre’s injury made him a robot.

Thirteen years later, in Sydney, Australia, author Rick Rogers recently released a book called “Bleeding Steel”, about a girl with a mechanical heart. A man named Li Sen disguised as a prostitute visited Rogers in his hotel, drugged him, and downloaded information from his computer. At the same time, a woman in black and two men in black armor attacked the building and tortured Rogers to reveal his source of inspiration, while Li Sen hid in the bathtub of the suite. The intruder was attacked by Lin Dong, and Lin Dong tried to find the same answer. Rogers was killed by women, and the arrival of the police forced everyone to retreat.

Bleeding Steel
Bleeding Steel

When informed of the failed operation, Andre recognized Lin Dong and Li Sen and sent the woman, but Li Sen had already escaped. Based on the data they stolen from Rogers, Len Sen, and Lin Dong, they each started tracking Nancy, who conducted strange experiments on the laboratory where she dreamed of. In order to deal with them, she has been visiting a spiritualist from the source of Roger’s manuscripts. She was pursued by a “woman in black”, but was rescued and taken to safety with the joint efforts of Lin Dong and Li Sen.

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Subsequently, with the efforts of Dr. James, Nancy was exposed as Xixi. Dr. James is committed to human genetic improvement, especially regeneration, to create immortal humanoid soldiers. James installed a mechanical heart and biological blood substitute for Xixi, thereby enhancing her ability to regenerate. However, Xixi’s short-term death made her amnesia. For her safety, she was sent to an orphanage, while Lin Dong and his old unit secretly monitored her.

Her nightmare stems from James’ memories, which imprinted herself on the compound he injected, and his blood was later used for her resurrection. Former special forces soldier Andre (Andre) was another test subject, who infiltrated the project for the benefit of a well-known Korean arms dealer to sell this organism. However, the artificial genome failed on Andre, slowly consuming him from the inside. James himself passed away shortly after Xixi’s operation, which made her the only successful object for his achievements.

Lin Dong brought Nancy and Li Sen to his house, where he locked the young man in a high-level security vault and visited the murdered spiritualist. Nancy fled to fly back to James’s abandoned home, where she not only recovered the old memories of her father, but also retrieved the keys to the bank vault that James had hidden. Lin Dong followed her and reunited with Xiao Su, but before he reached Nancy, she was kidnapped by a woman in black and taken to Andre’s airborne laboratory alone.

Bleeding Steel
Bleeding Steel

Reunited by Li Sen who managed to release himself, they went to the bank vault, where the woman was trapped by Lin’s old unit and lost the ability to work while retrieving the camera from the vault. Lin and Xiao Su checked the content of the camera, which detailed Andre’s bio-like transformation. Lin and Xiao Su speculated that he needed both this information and Nancy’s altered genome to give himself regeneration effects.

On the laboratory plane, Andre continued to extract Nancy’s blood and inject it into his body to restore his body. Lin Dong, Xiao Su, and Li Sen infiltrated this technology, but were thwarted by the impenetrable security barrier.

Before the blood transfusion was completed, a fight with Andre’s gang forced the villain to join the fight, which gave Nancy enough time to fully regenerate and get his father’s help. Lin and his allies threw Andre into the reactor core of the spacecraft, which overloaded and destroyed the laboratory. Li Sen was killed. Xiao Su and Nancy managed to escape by parachute, but before Lin Dong joined them, Lin Dong was attacked by Andre.

However, because Andre accidentally injected enhanced blood into Lin Dong during the battle, Lin Dong gained enough power to deprive Andre of his heart and kill him.

After that, Lin Dong, Nancy and Xia Su spent some time with the family. Lin learned from his colleagues that Li Sen was the son of an arms dealer. He tried to restore James’ achievements and avenged the murder of Andre. . His family thirteen years ago. He is also a companion of Nancy / Xixi in the orphanage, out of sincere love for her. At the same time, Li Sen survived and now provides the camcorder tape to the most interested buyers.

Bleeding Steel

Directed by
Leo Zhang

Writing Credits
Erica Xia-Hou (screenplay by) &
Siwei Cui (screenplay by) (as Cui Siwei)
Leo Zhang

Bleeding Steel
Bleeding Steel

Jackie Chan as Lin Dong
Show Lo as Leeson
Na-Na OuYang as Nancy (as Nanan Ou-Yang)
Erica Xia-Hou as Susan
Callan Mulvey as Andre
Tess Haubrich as Woman in Black
Kim Gyngell as Dr. James
Damien Garvey as Rick Rogers
Bowie Lam as Dr. Wu
Elena Cai as Xixi
Gillian Jones as Witch
Sammy The Dwarf as Dwarf (as Sammy the Dwarf)
Cosentino as Chamberlain
Anna Cheney as TV Host

Brooklyn Allan as Popcorn Girl (uncredited)
Chris Bartlett as Balloon Clown (uncredited)
Nathaniel Boyd as Scientist (uncredited)
Kaitlyn Boyé as Junkie Girl (uncredited)
Jake Buratti as Civilian (uncredited)
Brendan Byrne as Pedestrian (uncredited)
Brahim Chab as Rick’s Bodyguard (uncredited)
Robert Gilabert Cuenca as Scientist (uncredited)
Mike Duncan as Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Darren Eastes as Pedestrian (uncredited)
Anthony Gavard as Plane’s Lab Doctor (uncredited)
Amanda Hedges as Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Diana Hübel as Scientist (uncredited)
Mathieu Jaquet as Airplane Passenger (uncredited)
Rhys Johnson as Barry (uncredited)
John Jumane as Homeboy B (uncredited)
Daniel Keen as Theatre Usher (uncredited)
Susan Kennedy as Orphanage President (uncredited)

Mikael Koski as Street Punk (uncredited)
Temur Mamisashvili as Rick’s Bodyguard / Man In Black (uncredited)
Michael McHugh as University Student (uncredited)
Olga Miller as Female magician’s assistant (uncredited)
Gemma Parsons as Graffiti Girl (uncredited)
Ellie Poussot as City Dweller (uncredited)
Christopher Jean Pierre Remy as Alley Punk (uncredited)
Glen Robinson as Pedestrian (uncredited)
Declan Schuman-Buswell as Pizza Guy (uncredited)
Aaron Scully as Security Guard at Opera House (uncredited)
Tatjana Shirzada as Scientist (uncredited)
Dee Sinnarkar as Opera Bar Customer (uncredited)
Eva Sliter as Journalist (uncredited)
David Torok as Man in Black (uncredited)
Murray Clive Walker as Scientist (uncredited)
Crystal Waters as Alley Punk (uncredited)
Isabelle Wojciechowska as Popcorn Girl (uncredited)

Release Dates
China : 22 December 2017
UK : 22 December 2017
Ireland : 22 December 2017
Singapore : 22 December 2017
Australia : 28 December 2017
Hong Kong : 28 December 2017
Cambodia : 28 December 2017
Kuwait : 28 December 2017
New Zealand : 28 December 2017
Indonesia : 4 January 2018
Taiwan : 12 January 2018
India : 2 February 2018
Vietnam : 9 February 2018
Philippines : 21 February 2018
South Korea : 19 April 2018
Germany : 27 April 2018 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)
USA : 6 July 2018 (limited)
Peru : 20 September 2018
Colombia : 11 October 2018
Mexico : 12 October 2018
Netherlands : 25 October 2018 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)
Sweden : 19 November 2018 (DVD premiere)
Japan : 23 November 2018
Italy : 24 November 2018 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)
Argentina : 11 January 2019 (DVD premiere)
Spain : 28 February 2019 (TV premiere)
France : 21 August 2019 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : Ji qi zhi xue
Argentina : Enemigo inmortal
Australia : Bleeding Steel
Brazil : Inimigo Mortal
Brazil (cable TV title) : Sangue de aço
Canada (French title) : Sang d’acier
Colombia : Enemigo inmortal
Czech Republic : Srdce z oceli
France : Sang d’acier
Hungary : Vérző acél
India : Bleeding Steel
Ireland : Bleeding Steel
Italy : Bleeding Steel – Eroe di acciaio
Japan : Police Story Reborn
Japan (Japanese title) : ポリス・ストーリー REBORN
Mexico : Enemigo inmortal
Netherlands : Bleeding Steel
New Zealand : Bleeding Steel
Norway : Bleeding Steel
Peru : Enemigo inmortal
Poland : Krwawa rozgrywka
Romania : Misiune sângeroasă
Russia : Кровоточащая сталь
Serbia : Čelična krv
Slovakia : Srdce z ocele
Spain : Bleeding Steel
UK : Bleeding Steel
USA : Bleeding Steel
Vietnam : Quả Tim Thép

Filming Locations
Sydney Opera House – 2 Macquarie Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (fight sceen)
Xingan, Jiangsu, China (Lin pursues Xixi held captive by Andre and his henchmen.)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (on location)
CentrePoint Tower, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Darling Harbour, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Fox Studios, Moore Park, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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