Contract Killers

Contract Killers

Contract killers: Double-struck by the people he trusts most, a novice government killer discovers that he is the target of the world’s most dangerous assassin, so he starts a ruthless game of killing first or being killed.

Contract Killers
Contract Killers

The arrogant assassin Rob Young had one night to kill a group of police officers who were chasing drug dealers. Everything went according to plan until Marshall survived and ran with a beautiful young woman.

Contract Killers
Contract Killers

After failing to eliminate a vigilant team attempting to wipe out his drug dealer city, Cavaliers contract killer Rob Young fled his revenge employer and ruthless assassin (James Trevena Brown). At the same time, as the bullets started to fly, Lee-Seng searched for the truth of his mission while protecting a beautiful woman (Renee Cataldo) who was trapped in a crossroads.

Contract Killers
Contract Killers

Directed by
Mathew John Pearson

Writing Credits
Michael Yee

Richard Alexander as Contract Killer #1 (as Richard S Alexander)
Dallas Barnett as Dorio
Renee Cataldo as Annabella
Kerry Glamsch as Callahan
Shane Gustofson as Mark #5
Luke Hawker as Bowman
Scott Jackson as Street Thug #1
Rhys Jordan as Lucas
Tony MacIver as Sebastian
Neil Mayo as Mark #1
Logan Pithyou as Kayne
Jacob Rosevear as Mark #4
Jacinth Rowland as Contract Killer #4
James Trevena as Marshall (as James Trevena-Brown)
Rob Young as Lee-Seng

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Release Dates
New Zealand : 2014
USA : 11 March 2014
Germany : 23 May 2014 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)
Japan : 2 August 2014 (DVD premiere)
Italy : 30 November 2014 (DVD premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : Contract Killers
Australia : Contract Killers
Germany (DVD title) : The Hitmen: Kill ‘Em All!
Hungary : Bérgyilkosok célkeresztben
Japan (Japanese title) : キラー・トーナメント
UK : Contract Killers

Filming Locations
Wellington, New Zealand

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