Countdown Jerusalem

Countdown Jerusalem

Countdown Jerusalem (Also Known As – Countdown: Armageddon) is a 2009 American science fiction thriller filmed directly. A reporter searches for his daughter. This is a series of catastrophic disasters that push a turbulent society to the brink of global war.

Countdown Jerusalem
Countdown Jerusalem

The film tells about the seven signs of the Apocalypse, in this case, the Apocalypse was created by a sect to bring the company to the brink of a world war.

Before searching for her daughter, a series of catastrophic disasters pushed the turbulent society to the brink of global war.

To clear the faith of the disaster movie, parents and fathers look for the only child, because the giant asteroid heading to the earth triggered a series of disaster events.

Countdown Jerusalem
Countdown Jerusalem

Directed by
Adam Silver (as A.F. Silver)

Writing Credits
David Michael Latt (written by)
Jose Prendes (screenplay)

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Kim Little as Allison
Clint Browning as Joseph
Russell Reynolds as Itzhak (as G. Russell Reynolds)
Mark Hengst as Mark Thompson
Audrey Latt as Mary
April Wade as Cindy
Spencer Scott as John Cosgrove
Vivian Brunstein as Adi (as Vivi Brunstein)
Danae Nason as Tina
Matt Mercer as Lavi
Cameron Cash as Abraham

Dean Kreyling as Detective Strand
Jose Prendes as Agent Malcolm Grant
Matthew Farhat as Gianni
Alexander Hatzidiakos as Romano
Domiziano Arcangeli as One Eyed Man
Meredith Thomas as Newscaster
Amol Shah as Yahveh
Emilio Roso as Aram
Yair Lehman as Hanifa
Aviad Har-Zion as Elijah

Lior Vago as Enoch
Faygal Tawil as Taxi Driver
Norma Rivera as Woman on Street
Scott Wheeler as Charlie
Jonathan Nation as Man in Bathroom
Benjamin Brugger as Man in Hotel Lobby (as Ben Brugger)
Rose Anselmo as Hotel Clerk
Christina Myhr as Nuri
Hillary Harper as Newscaster #2 (uncredited)
Dana Tomasko as Commercial Mom (uncredited)

Release Dates
USA : 24 February 2009
Japan : 2 December 2009
Germany : 25 February 2010
Italy : 10 February 2011

Also Known As
(original title) : Countdown: Jerusalem
Australia (DVD title) : Countdown: Armageddon
Greece (transliterated title) : To telos ton panton
Italy (alternative title) : Countdown: Armageddon
Italy : Countdown: Armageddon

Filming Locations
Dead Sea, Israel
Elysian Park, Los Angeles, California, USA
Jerusalem, Israel
Los Angeles, California, USA

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