Dragon is a 2006 action/fantasy movie created by the independent film group Shelter. In order to do her best to free her kingdom from a growing army of dark elves, Princess Vanir must travel through the haunted Sidhe forest. With the help of the faithful adventurers Cador and Artemir, they encountered an army of elves, a mysterious witch, and the mighty dragon that stood in their way.


The movie takes place in the forests of Sidhe and follows Princess Alora to Bagnnar Brim to seek the help of Lord Blackthorne to fight against the dark elves to start a human war in the entire kingdom. Under the attack of the dark elves, the princess was rescued by the warriors Artemir and Cador Bain. The two fighters insisted that they accompany Princess Arora to pursue her guardian and warned her of the dragon living in the forest.

Princess Arora and the two warriors were ambushed by three bandits (Gareth Mohot, Naga, and Sogomo), who claimed to be vassals of Kensington and were known for killing a dragon. Despite the tension between Gareth, Lord Atmir and Kador, Princess Asal Arora promised to exchange these three lands and titles for their knowledge and assistance.

As the group continued through the forest, they met an elf named Darara and her mistress Freyja, a mysterious wizard. Freyja secretly warns that not all Alora’s companions will be spared, but they are destined to kill the dragon. Freyja and Damara announced that they would help them and joined the princess. The wizard noticed the budding love affair between Cador and Alora, so it was easy to gauge their character.


The group was surprised when the dragon attacked them, and their attempts to fight the beast hardly hurt it. Sogomo was trapped under a tree cut down by the dragon during the battle, and to his horror, the party could do nothing but watch the dragon swallow him.

Once the princess and her band fled and regrouped, Freyja left Alora aside and proposed a new strategy to defeat the beast. The necromancer revealed that she was responsible for creating a dragon to fight against the dark elves many years ago at the order of Alora’s father king.

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However, unable to control the beast, Freyja did his best to limit it to the West German forest. Freya is convinced that the death of the dragon also means that the necromancer will also die. He also gave Alora a wand made of small branches to deal with the dragon. The princess awarded Kador the Knight Medal of Valor, and coldly pointed out that there was no chance to do so again.

The organization decided to find the dragon in the lair and was ready to attack the sleeping beast, but was ambushed by a group of dark elves. Although Naga was hit by several arrows, she continued to fight until she succumbed to the fatal wound. The princess and the warriors who accompanied her drove away the elf in time and turned their attention to the waking dragon. Lord Artemir tried to destroy the heroic charge only in the burning gout.

The wand given to Alora turned into a spear, and the princess pierced the dragon’s heart. After the dragon died, Freyja fell down and admitted in his dying breath that Alora was her daughter. The power of the dark elves arrived, but when the princess wielded the spear of victory, she expressed victory and loyalty to the princess.

Although the dragon was defeated and the war with the dark elves was over, adventurers gathered together for a bittersweet funeral for their fallen comrades. The king died during the return journey of Princess Arora, but she ascended to rule the kingdom with Sir Cador by her side.

Dragon was released directly on DVD on December 12, 2006. Like many other movies produced by The Asylum, Dragon is hailed as an “imitation” by critics, and many people compare the release of Dragon with the adaptation of Eragon. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a score of 38%, which means that the viewer’s comments are rotten, and it says “Messy stuff! Epic action-adventure. This movie should be taken off the shelf and in the name of false statements Act.”

Christopher Armstead of the Film Critics Association gave a positive review of “Dragon” and thought that despite some problems, CGI could almost pass. He described the sequence of battles in the film as “the worst performance I have ever seen, because it seems that the actors are just trying to avoid getting hurt, not really fighting each other.” Amstead said, ” Compared to The Asylum, this movie is very interesting.

Eric “The Hitman” Strauss of Horrortalk sees this movie as “a fun way to spend an afternoon” and “Dragon is a movie that relies on a familiar fantasy story, and this is the key to any great weekend D&D game He also pointed out that budget constraints and production are not intended to be on par with mainstream fantasy movies, but rather to appeal to table or card game fans who “will be able to associate with characters and tasks.”

Directed by
Leigh Scott

Writing Credits
Leigh Scott (story)
Leigh Scott (written by)
Eliza Swenson (story)

Amelia Jackson-Gray as Princess Alora Vanir (as Amelia Jackson Gray)
Matthew Wolf as Sir Cador Bain (as Matt Wolf)
Jon-Paul Gates as Lord Artemir (as Jon Paul Gates)
Jeff Denton as Gareth Morholt
Rachel Haines as Naga
Jason DeParis as Sogomo
Jessica Bork as Damara
Eliza Swenson as Freyja
Kurt Altschwager as Dark Elf Slynn (uncredited)
Tyler Constable as Dark Elf Sulin (uncredited)

Release Dates
USA : 12 December 2006
Japan : 6 April 2007 (DVD premiere)
Hungary : 17 July 2008 (TV premiere)
Croatia : 5 November 2008 (DVD premiere)
Germany : 18 February 2010

Also Known As
(original title) : Dragon
Brazil : Travessia do Vale das Sombras
Croatia : Zmaj
Germany (DVD title) : Dragon – Die Drachentöter
Germany (reissue title) : Das Königreich der Drachen
Greece (DVD title) : O drakos
Hungary : A sárkányölők legendája
Serbia : Zmaj

Filming Locations
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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