Dragonquest: When an ancient warlord summons a mythical beast, a young hero must complete a series of tasks to wake up the dragon that will defeat the monster.


Directed by
Mark Atkins

Writing Credits
Brian Brinkman (written by)
Micho Rutare (written by)

Marc Singer as Maxim
Brian Thompson as Kirill
Jason Connery as Gurion
Daniel Bonjour as Arkadi
Jennifer Dorogi as Katya
Russell Reynolds as Anson (as G. Rusell Reynolds)
Jack Goldenberg as Frank
Richard Lund as King Agmar
Jonathan Nation as Rachek
Nihilist Gelo as Svetka (as J. Scott)

Mona Lee Goss as Maxim’s Mother
Elvis Naumovski as General Tolfar
Jay Beyers as Tolfar Thug
Aleta Mackey as Tolfar Thug
Aoni Jackson as Tolfar Thug
Jonathan Goetz as Tolfar Thug
Lina Naujokaite as Tolfar Thug
Matthew Farhat as Elidor
Gary Miller-Youst as Grandfather
Maria Olsen as Hedona
Jason Yorrick as Darku

Lala Hensely as Genevieve the Prisoner
Kai Elle as Nadia
David Neyts as Dux the Monk
Alexander Hutchinson as King’s Aide
Delaney Roberts as Dunahur McTivish
Patti Moore as Sialana
Melissa Sidnam as Dymphnia
Chief Elliott Sidnam as Allustair Tigh O’Roy
Emmanuel Douglas as Dougall
William Dailey as Wilhelm Von Hesse

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Nicholas Krall as Nicky Hipants
Steven Gillan as Stiofan O’Ghilloighan
Michelle Rawlings as Baughb
David Nelson as Keegan Mihill
David Simmons as Yost
William Christopher Rose as Christopher MacFaergus
Emily Springhorn as Leela Cormac
Vivian Brunstein as Farmer
Artie Fiske as Silvan

Koco Limbevski as Page
Pierre Nasnas as Man
Emilien De Falco as Keno
S. Henderson as King’s Aid
Tulanee Pike as Background person
Dan Rogerson as Background person
Richard Bara as Background person

Release Dates
USA : 31 March 2009
Russia : 19 May 2009
Hungary : 5 June 2009
Japan : 9 September 2009

Also Known As
(original title) : Dragonquest
France (TV title) : Dragon Quest: le réveil du dragon
Germany (DVD title) : The Fire Dragon Chronicles – Dragon Quest
Greece : Dragonquest
Hungary : A sárkány nyomában
Norway : Dragon Quest
Russia : Пещера дракона
Serbia : Zmajeva potraga
Ukraine : Печера дракона

Filming Locations
Red Rock Canyon State Park – Highway 14, Cantil, California, USA
Garden of the Gods, Iverson Ranch – 1 Iverson Lane, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA
Malibu, California, USA


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