Enemies Among Us (2010) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Enemies Among Us (2010) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Enemies Among Us 2010: This is different from usual, is it? The governor of Louisiana will be the party’s candidate for vice president, but the murder and international networks from South Africa to Pakistan and North Korea may thwart him.

Enemies Among Us
Enemies Among Us

Enemies Among Us

Directed by
Dan Garcia

Writing Credits
Dan Garcia (screenplay)

Billy Zane as Graham
James DuMont as Governor Chip Majors
Robin Givens as Gloria
Tammi Arender as Gretna Connely
Eric Roberts as Cobbs
Griffin Hood as Devin Taylor
Shauna Rappold as Teresa
Abby Rao as Teresa’s Kid
Brendan Aguillard as Grandson
Lilly Aguillard as Granddaughter
Steven Bauer as Senator Edmonds

Judy Henderson as Farrah Richards
Jaqueline Fleming as Tyra Simmons
Edrick Browne as Agent McKeith
Katherine Rose as Anna
Ted Ferguson as Jarvis Patterson
Elliott Grey as Jethro Tibbons
Armando Leduc as Jassim
Wayne Douglas Morgan as Skaggsi
Alvin R. Jackson as Prison Guard
Jeffrey Kartman as Bartender
Adaisha Vance as Server

Eric F. Adams as CIA Agent
Dale McKeel as Undercover Agent
Tony Senzamici as Agent Harris
Alana J. Hogg as Marsha / Reporter
Vianca Johnson as Reporter
Garbial Saint as First a.D.
Danielle Davis as Governor Makor’s Aide
Elizabeth McNulty as Bianca
Joel Davis as Todd Bowenstein
Marcelle Baer as Sharon
Lauren Michele as Feola Wyndham
Richard Zeringue as Sam Bowe

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Thomas Thomason as Grady Thomas
Cat Tomeny as Rhonda
Debby Gaudet as Edmond’s Aide
Eric Adams as Construction Developer
Malcom Adams as Secret Service Agent #4
Chris Antillan as Secret Service Agent #3
Percy Butler III as School Kid #2
Raymond Philip Michael Diamond as School Kid (as Raymond P. Diamond)
Logan Kee Guilbeau as School Kid #7
Laurie Lee as Governor’s Speech Attendee
Savanna Smith as School Kid #6

Maurice Velasquez as Secret Service Agent #2
Nathan Velasquez as School Kid #5
Rebecca Velasquez as School Kid #4
Conner Waterman as School Kid #1
Chris Antilian as Agent Williams (uncredited)
Tony R. Lewis as Secret Service Agent #1 (uncredited)
Greg Will as Saul (uncredited)

Release Dates
USA : 2010
France : 12 May 2010 (DVD premiere)
Australia : 5 May 2011

Also Known As
(original title) : Enemies Among Us
France (video title) : Very Bad Cop
Germany (DVD title) : Wieder ein Mord im weissen Haus
Russia : Враги среди нас
UK : Enemies Among Us

Filming Locations
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Enemies Among Us
Enemies Among Us
Enemies Among Us
Enemies Among Us

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