Exit Speed

Exit Speed

“Exit Speed” is a 2008 action film shot by Sabbatical Pictures. The film is directed by Scott Ziehl and is directed by Desmond Harrington, Julie Mond, Lea Thompson, Alice Greczyn (Alice Greczyn), David Rees Snell and Fred Ward starred. This 90-minute action film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008. The film premiered in Dallas, Texas. It was released in theaters in the southwest region in September 2008.

Exit Speed
Exit Speed

In Texas, Congressman Sergeant Archie Sparks finally caught up with AWOL Corporal Meredith Cole who was accused of assaulting the commander. When Archie turned and stepped back for a while, Meredith managed to escape his custody again.

On the way to El Paso (El Paso), Cole found that he was riding in an American bus and a group of eclectic passengers. This should be a smooth journey on Christmas Eve. The bus passed by a group of nomadic cyclists who were obsessed with methamphetamine, who taunted passengers by performing stunts around the bus. One of the cyclists made a mistake and eventually fell under the wheel of the bus, causing the rest of the cyclists to seek revenge. Driver Danny Gunn stopped the bus to ask for help. When he got off the bus, a biker killed him. The stray gun also injured Meredith and passenger Joey Ryan.

Exit Speed
Exit Speed

Another passenger, a high school football coach Jerry Yarbro was accused of assaulting a student, he retrieved the biker’s weapon, and another passenger, Walter Lindley retrieved Danny’s key. The surviving passengers drove away from the bus to escape the cyclists. When they fled the highway, Joey died of injuries.

The rest of the passengers included single mother Maudie McMinn, moody and wayward father Sam Cutter, strong woman Desiree, her extremely clever boyfriend Duke, vegan Annabel Drake who happens to be a competitive archer, and Spanish-speaking electrician. Ramon Vargas.

At Jerry’s insistence, they drove along a small road by bus. Cyclists drove the bus out of the road in an abandoned dump, where the bus crashed and killed Walter. The passengers built a makeshift shelter, surrounded by cyclists. Jerry, who seems to have an anger management problem, still has a gun. The team is now dealing with the vengeful rider. But they realized that in order to survive, they must continue to attack and fight back with cyclists.

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That night, they planned to stop at the garbage dump, while the Maudie crossed the desert 20 miles to the nearest town for help. When the remaining survivors counterattacked with captured guns, Annabel’s target bows and arrows, and Ramon’s jury-made cannon, Modi fled the compound. Maudie met Archie and they killed some cyclists.

Exit Speed
Exit Speed

The two returned to the compound in the middle of the confrontation, and the rest of the cyclists injured Ramon and kill Duke, Desiree, and Jerry. After the remaining cyclists were killed, the survivors Sam, Meredith, Annabelle and Ramon were driven to the nearest town by Modi and Archie.

Later, at the hospital, Maudie was reunited with his daughter, and Meredith escaped the army again, this time with Archie’s help. Mercedith, Sam and Annabel drove down the road in a minivan.

Directed by
Scott Ziehl

Writing Credits
Michael Stokes (written by)

Desmond Harrington as Sam Cutter
Lea Thompson as Maudie McMinn
Julie Mond as Corporal Meredith Cole
Alice Greczyn as Annabel Drake
Fred Ward as Sgt. Archibald “Archie” Sparks
Gregory Jbara as Coach Jerry Yarbro
David Rees Snell as Danny Gunn
Kelli Dawn Hancock as Desiree
Nick Sowell as Duke
Everett Sifuentes as Ramon Emancio Eladio Vargas
Wally White as Walter Lindley
Danielle Beacham as Joey Ryan
Asante Jones as Sheriff Tom Jasper
Roy Samuelson as Vic Towbridge (Meredith’s one-night stand)

Release Dates
USA : 26 August 2008
Japan : 13 February 2009 (DVD premiere)
Sweden : 5 May 2010 (DVD premiere)
Argentina : 13 January 2011 (DVD premiere)
France : 5 April 2011 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)
Netherlands : 5 July 2011 (DVD premiere)
Italy : 24 August 2011 (DVD premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : Exit Speed
Argentina : Fuga imposible
Brazil : Terror na Estrada
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) : Смъртоносна скорост
France : Exit Speed
Greece (DVD title) : Exit Speed
Portugal : Exit Speed – Assalto ao Autocarro
Russia : Скорость: У последней черты
UK : Exit Speed
USA : Exit Speed

Filming Locations
Dallas, Texas, USA

Music by
Cole Freeman

Thomas L. Callaway

Edited by
Matt Coleman

Distributed by
Phase 4 Films

Release date
December 12, 2008

Running time
90 minutes

United States


$ 3,750,000

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