Falcon Rising

Falcon Rising

Falcon Rising is an American action adventure film directed by Ernie Barbarash, starring Michael Jai White, Neal McDonough, Laila Ali, and Masashi Odate. Falcon Rising, originally called Favela, was originally scheduled to be the first product of Moonstone Entertainment’s “Codename: FALCON” action series. The series will revolve around former Marines character John “Falcon” Chapman, “a dark anti-hero driven by guilt , It will destroy him, unless other means of destruction are given-this is the last resort of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” Falcon Rising was released in theaters on September 5, 2014, with limited circulation.

Falcon Rising
Falcon Rising

John “Falcon” Chapman is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder. After playing Russian roulette, he entered a convenience store and was robbed moments. He asked a robber to shoot him to death. When the man hesitated, Chapman became impatient, disarmed the robber, and thwarted the robbery.

When he met with his sister Cindy, Cindy briefly returned to New York to attend the wedding. She was punished for not taking medication and explained that she was returning to Brazil, where she had been doing charity work for a non-profit organization. Chapman learned from the veteran military veteran and diplomat Manny Ridley that his sister had been beaten. Chapman immediately went to Brazil.

Chapman met Thiago Santo and his partner Carlo Bororo, who was investigating the attack by his sister. Although no witnesses came forward, Santo promised to bring justice. Santo and Ridley warned Chapman to avoid slums controlled by gangs, but Chapman insisted on conducting his own investigation. The beaten police officer Katarina Da Silva (Katarina Da Silva) showed Chapman the whereabouts of her sister.

Falcon Rising
Falcon Rising

When Chapman went to the hospital to visit his sister, an Asian nurse gave Cindy IV medication. Cindy began to convulse, and Chapman called for help. The hospital said they did not have Asian nurses, and Ridley suggested that the Yakuza might be involved because of the large number of Japanese immigrants in Brazil.

When Chapman noticed a man wearing Cindy’s necklace, he returned to the slum and beat several people. Da Silva arrived and stopped him, explaining that the man was Cindy’s friend. Da Silva translated for him. After Chapman learned that Cindy (sister) was missing, Cindy gave her the necklace.

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The man gave Chapman Cindy torn up the diary, retrieved it, and Chapman apologized to him. Chapman used carbon paper to retrieve a phone number and contacted another friend of Cindy’s (a photographer), who explained that she was investigating corruption and a conspiracy that might involve human trafficking. When the photographer is unwilling to provide proof, Chapman pickpockets it. The photographer died in a car bomb a few seconds later.

After a shootout with the Yakuza bandits, Chapman investigated a nightclub that was connected to Yakuza. There, he beat a Brazilian smuggler who worked for Yakuza boss Hirimoto. Ridley identified the official documents as fakes, and the two realized that Yakuza had kidnapped young girls from slums and forced them into prostitution.

At the same time, Santo organized violent attacks on slums, killing many Brazilian drug dealers. When one of his police officers stumbled upon the kidnapped Yakuza, Santo killed the officer and asked Yakuza to double his reward. Chapman investigated a Yakuza brothel, where he was admitted and beaten several gangsters. Santo was asked to kill him, but when Da Silva arrived, Santo was helpless.

Chapman handed over evidence of smuggling and human trafficking to Santo, but when Santo accidentally leaked knowledge about the operation, Chapman began to suspect. Intuitively, Chapman sent Da Silva to protect his sister. Da Silva killed the Yakuza assassin who pretended to be a nurse. Chapman traced the meeting between Santo, Bororo and Hirimoto.

Falcon Rising
Falcon Rising

After alerting Ridley, Chapman killed several Yakuza and immediately confronted the three men. Santo descended first, then Bororo, and finally Hirimoto. When Santo was dying, he denied participating in Cindy’s fatal attack, gave Chapman a key, locked him with substantial evidence, and demanded suicide with a gun. Chapman has obligations. Later, Ridley offered Chapman a job as an agent for the State Department in a cafe, and he accepted.

Falcon Rising was screened on the video on demand (VOD) platform on September 4, 2014, and was released in a limited number of ten theaters in North America on September 5, 2014. The movie earned US$8,691 at the box office during the weekend and US$11,774 at the end of the theater. run. Falcon Rising was released on DVD on October 27, 2014.

Directed by
Ernie Barbarash

Writing Credits
Y.T. Parazi

Michael Jai White as John ‘Falcon’ Chapman
Neal McDonough as Manny
Jimmy Navarro as Thiago
Millie Ruperto as Katarina
Lateef Crowder as Carlo
Masashi Odate as Hirimoto
Hazuki Kato as Tomoe / Nurse
Laila Ali as Cindy
Sala Baker as Gang Member 2
Arianna Benitez as Child Prostitute
Jazmín Caratini as Nurse
Jonathan Cardenales Rolon as Cage Officer
Daniel Cardona as Kuka

José Caro as Dr. Christo
Ernesto Concepción as Bruno
Eduardo Cortés as Taxi Driver
José Cotté as Cashier
Juan Pablo Díaz as Paulo
Jimmy Fung as Yakuza 2
Ricardo Hinoa as Churra
Luzangeli Justiniano as Hostess (as Luzangelie Justiniano)
Aurelio Lima as Favela Man
Kidany Lugo as Officer
Eric Miranda as Favela Thug
Michael J. Morris as Business Man 2 (as Michael Morris)
Raúl Muñiz as Cage Officer 5
Clifford Myatt as Lionel (as Myatt Clifford)

Benny Nieves as Goon 1
José Luis Oyola as Mr. Lima
Arzoris Perez as Maria (as Arzoris Pérez)
Rafael Pérez as Favela Youth
Jafet Ramos as Scaria
Rodolfo Rodríguez as Robber 1
Luis Angel Rondon Lopez as Cage Officer (as Luis A. Rondón)
Taneysha Seary as Alley Girl
Ronn Surels as Dock Security (as Ronn Daniel Surels)
Bob Talbert as Favela Thug
Eddie Valdés as Business Man
Chi Wai So as Bartender
Kathryn Aidyl as Escort (uncredited)
Robert Colon as Police Officer (uncredited)
Edwin Lord as Doctor (uncredited)
Victor Segui as Security Guard (uncredited)
Cristian Miranda Velez as Waiter (uncredited)
Johnny Yang as Yakuza Guard (uncredited)

Release Dates
USA : 4 September 2014 (Digital HD streaming)
USA : 5 September 2014 (U.S. limited theatrical)
USA : 5 September 2014 (limited)
Kuwait : 27 November 2014
Germany : 4 December 2014 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)
USA : 27 January 2015 (DVD premiere)
Sweden : 15 December 2017 (internet)
UK : 18 May 2019 (DVD premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : Falcon Rising
Australia : Falcon Rising
Brazil : Favela
Brazil (cable TV title) : Vingança Fatal
Germany : Falcon Rising
Hungary : Fedőneve: Sólyom
Italy : Falcon Rising
Poland : Zemsta Sokoła
Romania : Nume de cod: Soimul
Russia : Восхождение Сокола
Serbia : Uzdizanje sokola
Spain : El regreso de Falcon
Turkey (Turkish title) (alternative title) : Kod Adı Şahin
UK : Falcon Rising
USA : Falcon Rising
(working title) : Favela

Filming Locations
La Perla, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Caribe Hilton Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico
(Breakfast area at beachfront)

Music by
Neal Acree

Yaron Levy

Edited by
Peter Devaney Flanagan

Production Company
Moonstone Entertainment
Strohberry Films

Distributed by
Freestyle Releasing

Release date
September 5, 2014

Running time
100 minutes

United States


$4.5 million

Box office

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