Haunting of Winchester House

Haunting of Winchester House

Haunting of Winchester House is the 2009 supernatural horror film produced by The Asylum. This story revolves around a family, this family is the new caretaker of the Winchester Mystery House, but it encounters the inner spirit. It takes a fictitious version of Sarah Winchester’s life.

Haunting of Winchester House
Haunting of Winchester House

Postal worker Marlene is delivering packages to Winchester House. She gave the package to the current caretaker, Jessica, who warned the postal workers to leave immediately. Later, I saw Jessica performing a ritual in a magic circle, when a ghost wind caught her and threw her into the tree through the window, killing her.

Later, Susan, her husband Drake (Drake) and their daughter Haley (Haley) agreed to work as a caretaker at the Winchester Mystery House. On that road, they almost collided with an oncoming car. Once they arrived, they found that the key did not work at the door and had to leave the car. Since the watchman’s wing is “not currently inhabitable,” they found instructions for choosing any room in the house. After settled down, when Harrison Dent saw their car and introduced himself as an investigator of supernatural phenomena, Drake was grilling outside.

Haunting of Winchester House
Haunting of Winchester House

Drake doubted this and rejected his offer to help. Later, when the door was locked from the outside, Hailey was trapped in the basement. Drake blamed Dent, but Susan thought it might be a ghost.

An ancient female spirit appeared and took over Haley, so they first called the police, but the team was full of static electricity and could not communicate. Then they are plagued by a series of apparitions or “Winchester Torturers”. Mrs. Winchester used her ghost wind to drive two policemen out of the porch, pierce them on a nearby branch, and kill them.

Susan contacts Dent who agreed to help them. At the same time, Drake had been coughing and thought it was related to the death of Mr. Winchester, who attributed it to tuberculosis, but Dent disagreed. He explained the types of spirits and believed that they had what he called “schizophrenia” or “second type” spirits, that is, a spirit that knew they were dead (a type was a spirit that didn’t know they were dead). He suggested that they try to communicate with them and find out what they need spiritually.

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When he did this, they found out that the spirits wanted Mrs. Winchester’s daughter Anne. She was said to be missing, so Kent believed that the spirits was Sarah Winchester (Sarah Winchester). Kent tried to summon Annie’s soul and told them that it would also summon the Tormentor soul, so he drew a magic circle to protect them. Mrs. Winchester shot him into the fireplace before he could finish the circle’s work and kill him. Susan rounded the circle, protecting herself and Drake from the disappearing Mrs. Winchester.

Mrs. Winchester’s deaf employee James Clayhill showed a spirit and lured them into the attic. Under some boxes, they found a large box, and James urged them to open the box. Inside is the remains of Annie’s mummy. The ghost of Mrs. Winchester appeared, but changed from a demon to an angel. When she heard some music from the wall, her, Annie and James spirits disappeared. Susan and Drake found a crawl space behind the thin wall, leading to a closed room where Hailey was sitting. The family left the house together and walked along the driveway. They found that their car was no longer at the gate, so they walked on the road.

Susan found some tire marks on the road leading to the ravine. She looked at the edge and found that their car had crashed, and the three of them were still inside and dead, indicating that when they almost missed the crash on the way to Winchester House, they actually crossed the ledge and crashed into Die below the ravine.

Haunting of Winchester House
Haunting of Winchester House

Through a short flashback, it can be proved that this is the reason why the police cannot hear them on the phone, and why their key to the building does not work. It also shows that Kent tried to help the spiritual family “pass on” before being killed (they are all “first-class” spirits, I don’t know they are dead). She didn’t tell Drake and Hailey about it, but followed the blood of Drake’s cough, along the road back to Winchester House.

The film was released as a DVD premiere by Asylum Home Entertainment as an “unrated and unedited” version. Some retailers sell a 3D version of the film. Although 3D has been criticized, it is still The first 3D version of Asylum. DVD also has “production features” and deleted scenes. Then came the Blu-ray Disc released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment in 2010. The film was released about six months after the release of “The Haunting” in Connecticut to make the most of its release timing (almost ten years from Winchester at Lionsgate) No. Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated a haunted house in Connecticut.

Directed by
Mark Atkins

Writing Credits
Mark Atkins (screenplay & story)
Jose Prendes (story)

Lira Kellerman as Susan
Michael Holmes as Drake
Patty Roberts (Alternate name Barry Womack) as Haley
Tomas Boykin as Harrison Dent
David Hendrex as Ghost #2
Sarah Hendrex as Ghost #3
Kimberly Ables Jindra as Sarah Winchester
George Michael Lampe as Nasty Ghost
David McIntyre as Officer Cooper
Rya Meyers as Marlene
Joey Ruggles as Redneck #1
Savannah Schoenecker as Margo Hunter
Sari Sheehan as Jessica Lloyd
Jennifer Smart as Annie
Mitch Toles as Blind Ghost
Kimberly Trew as Girlfriend
Rob Ullett as James Clayhill
Frank Weitzel as Gunshot Ghost
Jefferson Wilmore as Civil War Ghost
Gregory Paul Smith as Faceless Ghost & Redneck #2

Release Dates
USA : 29 September 2009
Germany : 18 November 2010
Russia : 12 April 2011
Switzerland : 5 May 2011 (German speaking region)
Austria : 1 November 2014

Also Known As
(original title) : Haunting of Winchester House
Germany (DVD box title) : House of Scary Ghosts
Mexico : La casa maldita
Romania : Fantomele familiei Winchester
Russia : Призраки дома Винчестеров
USA : Haunting of Winchester House

Filming Locations
Woodbury-Story House – 2606 N. Madison Avenue, Altadena, California, USA
Singing Springs, Angeles National Forest, California, USA
California, USA

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