Hercules Reborn

Hercules Reborn

Hercules Reborn: When a young man’s bride was kidnapped by the evil king, he asked Hercules for help. The fallen hero has been in exile and was banished for killing his family, but the courage of the young man inspired Hercules. They worked together to rescue the bride and regain the honor of Hercules.

Hercules Reborn
Hercules Reborn

Just before the modern era. General Nicos urged King Demetrius to invade the nearby peaceful city of Enos in order to seize his wealth. When Demetrius refused, Nikos massacred the king and queen and declared himself ruler. Nikos then imprisoned Princess Theodora, the king’s daughter, and forced her to become his wife. Her beloved, lieutenant Arias Dudenakis of Nikos fled to the nearby city of Segev, looking for the legendary son of Zeus, Hercules, who was said to be the son of Zeus A powerful fighter to help them fight back. However, after discovering Hercules, they found that he was just a drunkard.

The Asylum is a company that specializes in making “mockbusters.” These low-cost movies copy titles released by large budget studios and use their promotional effects by publishing them simultaneously, not to mention fooling unsuspecting browsers into thinking they are.

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“Hercules Reborn” and the 2014 Twins Hercules Movie-The Legend of Hercules (2014) starring with Kellan Lutz and the famous David Johnson from Brett Ratner The Hercules (2014) starred together. Hercules Reborn was released to the DVD store 10 days before Hercules appeared in the theater.

Hercules Reborn
Hercules Reborn

When it comes to their version of Hercules, Asylum has obviously taken some detours. For example, all Greek soldiers wore Roman centurion uniforms. Apparently, someone rented a bunch of clothes at a cheap price, just hoping that no one would notice the difference. The characters also have an indomitable modern attitude and way of speaking-although after “The Hercules: Legendary Journeys” (1994-9), no one cares about this.

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Another thing is that we have a Hercules, which has almost nothing to do with primitive Greek mythology. This Hercules does claim to be a demigod, but this may be just a drunk brag, and the only true element in the original myth is that he killed his wife Megara and the children, and the film is still blamed on Nikos. This fabulous Hercules is no different from the Hercules of various Italian great figures in the 1960s, where he is nothing more than a brave muscle man who will intervene to overthrow the tyrant and help the overwhelmed. And any greater battles with mythological creatures or gods eliminated Olympus for budget reasons.

Even then, every movie can count on the original pendant to have at least superhuman feats, but there is almost nothing here the Hercules on the stage of the rebellion was chained to two big rocks at one point, This makes you expect him to tear the chain or place a boulder on his head, but it never happened. At most, this Hercules is an excellent fighter.

Wrestler John Hennigan has produced a good Hercules that is more energetic than many bodybuilders who have played this role. Asylum frequent guest Dylan Vox is the show’s villain, outstanding performance is his strong point. On the other hand, the location shooting in Morocco also made the film’s budget look much better than it actually is. Director Nick Lyon throws out some surprisingly bloody battle scenes.

Director Nick Lyon has also produced many other low-budget movies, including Grendel (2007), Species: The Awakening (2007), Annihilation Earth (2009), Zombie Apocalypse (2011), Rise of the Zombies (2012), Foreclosed (2013), Bermuda Tentacles (2014), Stormageddon (2015), They Found Hell (2015), Earthtastrophe (2016), Isle of the Dead (2016) and Shockwave (2017).

Directed by
Nick Lyon

Writing Credits
Jim Hemphill (screenplay)
Jose Montesinos (story and screenplay)

John Hennigan as Hercules
Christian Oliver as Arius
Marcus Shirock as Cyrus
James Duval as Horace
Dylan Vox as Nikos
Christina Wolfe as Princess Theodora (as Christina Ulfsparre)
Alistair A. Duff as Bartender
Foued Mansour as Creepy Caretaker
Jeremy M. Inman as Tymek
Jennifer Marie Paul as Iona

Khalid Ben Chegra as King Demetrius (as Ben Chagra Khalid)
Aurelie Armelle Simone Chatellier as Queen Evenya
Rim Tounssi as Megara
Yassine Amer as Abdera
Youness Lahlafi as Jacob
Youssef Marchouki as Dariun
Aziz Janah as Erasmus
Samir Oualid as Royal Guard

Victoria Redstall as Iona (voice)
Richard Halverson as King Demetrius (voice)
Maureen Martin as Queen Evenya (voice)
Shridhar Solanki as Adrian (voice)
Mark Hennessy-Barrett as Villager (voice)
Michael Hardman as Guard (voice)
David Courtice as Villager (voice)
Cody Peck as Villager (voice)
Mohamed Amine Ayad as Escaper Soldier

Release Dates
USA : 15 July 2014 (DVD premiere)
Hungary : 7 August 2014
Japan : 5 November 2014 (DVD premiere)
Italy : 18 December 2014 (DVD premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : Hercules Reborn
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) : Прероденият Херкулес
France : Hercule: La vengeance d’un Dieu
Greece : Ηρακλής: Αναγέννηση
Hungary : Herkules: Feltámadás
Japan (Japanese title) : ヘラクレス 帝国の侵略
Russia : Геркулес
Serbia : Herkul, ponovo rođen
Spain : El regreso de Hércules
UK : Hercules Reborn
(working title) : Hercules

Filming Locations
Ouarzazate, Morocco

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