Hero of the Underworld (2016) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Hero of the Underworld (2016) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

“Hero of the Underworld 2016” is a play inspired by the time when writer/actor/producer Tom Malloy (Tom Malloy) worked in a hotel in New York. The story revolves around hotel manager Dylan Berrick, his desire to help a young woman who was beaten in a hotel and his struggle with heroin addiction. Tom Malloy stars alongside Nicole Fox, Quinton Aaron, Chris Ashworth, Gabriel Jarret, and David Josh Lawrence, with an appearance by Catherine Mary Stewart. The film was shot in Rochester, NY, and directed by John David Vincent.

Hero of the Underworld
Hero of the Underworld

In the film, Dylan Berrick is the overnight manager of the century Grand Hotel. Externally, Dylan seems to be a very professional hotel manager. But in fact, he is dealing with heroin addiction.

One night, a woman named Holly was beaten to death by her boyfriend in a hotel, and Dylan found out that she was Holly’s savior. This includes not only helping her body, but also freeing her from the drug triad he is too familiar with. This put the two of them on a journey that would help save her and his own work, sanity and life.

The filming of “Hero of the Underworld” was held in Rochester, New York in March and April 2014. The Times Square building in Rochester is representative of a hotel in New York. Since this location is a working office building, the production staff must work at night, renovate the lobby every night, and restore it to normal every morning.

Director John Vincent has experience working with movies, in this case he used the Black Magic camera to shoot in digital format. When talking about the selection and location of the camera, Vincent said: “We also photographed this stunning Art Deco building, and we really need to capture the details of that location.”

Hero of the Underworld
Hero of the Underworld

The film has been screened at several film festivals, including the Atlantic City Film Festival, where Tom Malloy won the best actor and John Vincent won the best director. The film also participated in the screenings of “Desert Rocks Film and Music Event” and “New York Film Festival” (Best Actor Tom Malloy). After the festival, Gravitas Ventures released the underworld heroes to streaming videos and Blu-ray discs in February 2017.

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“Dylan Berrick is the budget overnight manager of the Century Grand, which is one of the most upscale and upscale hotels in the city. After a shocking night, when a woman named Holly was nearly beaten to death by her boyfriend Davis in a hotel, Dylan personally approached Holly and became her savior, freed from the drug underworld he was familiar with. she was.”

Hero of the Underworld

Directed by
John Vincent (attached)

Writing Credits
Tom Malloy (written by)

Tom Malloy as Dylan
Nicole Arianna Fox as Holly
Quinton Aaron as Tino
Catherine Mary Stewart as Shari
Gabriel Jarret as Rico
David Josh Lawrence as Jerrod
Chris Ashworth as Chris
Krista Kalmus as Candice
Lisa Varga as Linda
Erik Aude as Phillip
Paulo Benedeti as Cesar
Mark Irvingsen as Henry
Dale Wade Davis as Sgt. Baker

Release Dates
USA : 14 November 2016

Also Known As
(original title) : Hero of the Underworld
India (English title) : Hero of the Underworld
UK : Hero of the Underworld

Filming Locations
Rochester, New York, USA

Music by
Phil De Chateauvieux

John David Vincent

Edited by
Michael Boas
Frank Reynolds

Distributed by
Gravitas Ventures

Release date
November 14, 2016

Running time
90 minutes

United States


Hero of the Underworld
Hero of the Underworld

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