Hollows Grove

Hollows Grove

Hollows Grove is a 2014 independent horror film and the directorial debut of Craig Efros’ feature film. It was released as a digital download on October 21, 2014, with filmmaker Matthew Carey as the leading role. He decided to make a documentary centered on the ghost hunting team but found that it might be him The last thing ever done.

Hollows Grove
Hollows Grove

The film is framed by the footage of an FBI agent (Matthew Carey), who uses the footage as the paranormal investigation program S.P.I.T. (Psychological Paranormal Investigation Team).

Most of the shots were taken from Harold’s cameras, Harold used to shoot documentaries with the team, but also interspersed with other cameras. The film then cuts into Harold’s lens.

Harold proved to be an unlucky filmmaker because he found his normal job (making videos for comedy shows) unsatisfactory and recently broke up with his girlfriend. He hoped that the SPIT documentary would give him many much-needed exposure opportunities in the entertainment industry, but when he discovered that all the special effects coordinator Bill (Lance Henriksen) was carefully designed to maximize entertainment, he found all the shows in the show Both the supernatural elements and the evidence were forged, and he was disappointed.

Nevertheless, he decided to continue filming because they were heading to Hollows Grove, a former orphanage and hospital famous for its surprising haunts.

Hollows Grove
Hollows Grove

At the scene, Eddie Perez, the guardian of the building, tried to persuade the team members to leave because he believed Grove Island was indeed dangerous because many people died while investigating the building. However, the team chose to ignore his suggestion and entered the building instead. After entering the house, they will experience many seemingly supernatural events, so they are regarded as Bill’s stunt and ignored. Only when one of the incidents included the cat’s corpse did they become restless and began to doubt whether these incidents were true.

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As the night progressed, the group experienced more and more phenomena, forcing them to realize that Hector’s warning was legitimate. These phenomena also led to the separation of group members when they were attacked and killed by one person. Attempts to escape are unsuccessful. In the end, only Harold stayed. He tried to escape for the last time, just to get him attacked and dragged into the basement of the building, where he was thrown into the boiler and burned alive.

At the end of the movie is Jones, who pointed out that the FBI conducted an investigation into the building and found that there were no survivors except for a member named Julie (Bresha Webb). Julie fell into a coma after throwing herself out the window. He also told the observers that they did find a piece of evidence, a rotating mist enveloped in a transparent container. When the film is over, the face will surface in the fog and sprint towards the camera. After the credit certificate, Julie was proved to wake up in the hospital, but was also found to be supernatural.

Directed by
Craig Efros

Writing Credits
Craig Efros

Mykelti Williamson as F.B.I. Agent Jones
Lance Henriksen as Bill
Matthew Carey as Harold Maxwell
Sunkrish Bala as Roger Rafkin
Bresha Webb as Julie Mercade
Val Morrison as Chad Groan
Matt Doherty as Tim Royce
Eddie Perez as Hector Gustavo
Gary Sievers as Homeless Man
Tanc Sade as George
Lindsey Smith-Sands as Nurse
Michael Allen as Additional Voice (voice) (as Michael Scott Allen)
Haley Lyn Gilchrist as Lilah

Release Dates
USA : 21 October 2014 (internet)
USA : 12 May 2015 (DVD premiere)
USA : 24 August 2018 (DVD re-release)

Also Known As
(original title) : Hollows Grove
UK (DVD title) : Orphanage: The Haunting

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