Lava Storm

Lava Storm

Lava Storm : The husband and wife’s emergency rescuers suspected that something strange happened after the collapse. When they returned to the ground, they found a series of devastating volcanic eruptions in progress and raced against time to save their families.

Lava Storm
Lava Storm

Emergency Response Center employees Lori and John Wilson must find a way to survive the initial lava storm to save John’s father and two teenagers. More importantly, they must find a way to slow down the development of lava storms and give mankind time to find a solution to this natural disaster in order to save mankind and the earth.

Directed by
Sean Dwyer

Writing Credits
Bill Hoffman (concept)
Bill Hoffman (written by)

Ian Ziering as John Wilson
Valérie Valois as Lori Wilson
Vlasta Vrana as Mike Wilson
Nicole Maillet as Emma Wilson
Adrien Dixon as Ian Wilson

Lava Storm
Lava Storm

Release Dates
Canada : 15 March 2008
Germany : 6 December 2009
Netherlands : 3 March 2010
Hungary : 21 April 2010
France : 6 July 2010 (DVD premiere)

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Also Known As
(original title) : Lava Storm
France : (DVD title) Magma: Lava Storm
France : (dubbed version) Tempête de lave
Germany : Lava – Die Erde verglüht
Greece : Lava Storm
Hungary : Perzselő vihar
Poland : Lawa!
Russia : Огненный смерч
Spain : Tormenta de lava

Lava Storm
Lava Storm

Filming Locations
New Brunswick, Canada

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