Mega Piranha

Mega Piranha

Mega Piranha (also known as Mega Piranha) is a 2010 science fiction disaster horror film produced by The Asylum. It was directed by Eric Forsberg and Tiffany, Paul Logan, and Barry Williams. According to the tradition of the sanctuary catalog, this movie is a blockbuster in Piranha 3D. It was taken in Belize, Central America.

Mega Piranha
Mega Piranha

The focus of this film is the Orinoco River in Venezuela, where some genetically modified piranhas escaped into a tributary of the river. Through human disturbance to the local environment, the mega piranha managed to escape the isolated place and swim downstream, killing all the paths through them. During the tourist season, giant piranhas gradually enter Florida.

Mega Piranha
Mega Piranha

After the outbreak, a team including Fitch agents Fitch and Sarah Monroe (Sarah Monroe) worked hard to contain large piranhas in Venezuela. When they tried to cross the Venezuelan border, they began to clashed with the authorities. Without proper clearance and documentation, the Fitch agent used fist diplomacy and drove the car. Colonel Antonio Diaz chased him at high speed in the jungle.

Throughout the chase, Fitch took turns driving the Toyota Camry and Hyundai Elantra, while Diaz appeared in the differences between Jimmy, Chevrolet Suburban, Suzuki XL7 and Ford Explorer. Fitch stole the helicopter and escaped and headed to the International Super Bunker (ISB). During the trip, the helicopter ran out of fuel, and Sarah Monroe installed an emergency oxygen tank on the fuel line to reach the ISB safely.

The large piranha continued to move north, consuming two warships and a nuclear submarine. They eventually reached southern Florida, where they killed at least five Puerto Ricans on the beach and blew up two hotels. At the same time, the only force that can stop them lies in the ISB. After the large piranhas were shown to be immune to torpedoes and depth charges, and even nuclear torpedoes could not stop them, Agent Fitch and Professor Sara Monroe concluded that the only way to stop large piranhas was in their terrain Face them in the middle: underwater.

An army of SCUBA divers with guns will make the big fish bleed, plunge them into frantic foraging and kill each other. If it fails, then a large-scale nuclear strike will be used to destroy the giant piranha and most of Florida.

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In the middle of the operation, Colonel Diaz arrived by helicopter, presumably using multiple fuel tanks to complete the journey. The colonel’s goal is to avenge the agent Fitch and throw the rope into the water to induce him to climb into the enemy helicopter. After Fitch arrived, he shot the pilot with a torch gun into his mouth, which would explode the pilot’s head. Fitch then used a homing beacon (actually a carbon dioxide tank) to attract a large piranha and jumped out of the helicopter shortly before being swallowed by the behemoth.

The giant piranha that ate the helicopter chased Fitch and finally hid in the coral reef, where the giant piranha could not follow. When the piranha opened its mouth, Fitch aimed its gun at the helicopter still under the jaw of the beast. The helicopter exploded, killing the fish. Another large piranha gathered at the bleeding site. When the piranhas entered orgasm and began to tear each other into pieces, Fitch was able to escape, seemingly causing them to be erased by themselves. Sarah and Fitch performed well and everything is fine.

Directed by
Eric Forsberg

Writing Credits
Eric Forsberg (written by)

Paul Logan as Jason Fitch
Tiffany Tiffany as Sarah Monroe
Barry Williams as Bob Grady
David Labiosa as Colonel Antonio Diaz
Jude Gerard Prest as Dr. Brian Higgins
Jesse Daly as Dr. Eli Gordon
Cooper Harris as Lt. Julia
William Morse as Lt. Stritch
Clint Browning as Captain Jonas
Matt Lagan as Submarine Captain Jim
Jonathan Nation as Mort
Jesel Ortloff as Mom
Lola Forsberg as Steph
Jillian Easton as Jane the Reporter
Joseph Porter as Ensign Filbert
Robert Don as Rodriguez

Anthony Wemyss as Bernie
Alessandro Tierno as Sgt. Ayudante (as Alejandro Tierno)
Myles Cranford as Sy
Jay Beyers as oby
Eric Forsberg as Ambassador Arnold Regis
Carl Watts as Captain Decker
Ryan Sherman as Jim The Tech
Natalie Goldwin as Tech #2 (as Natalie Nastulczykova)
Fernando Huc as Jose the Driver
Edward Flores as Soldier
Sal Rodriguez as Communications Officer
Nick Garrison as Military Man
Gregory Paul Smith as GPS the Submarine Navigator
John Napoleon as Lt. Miller
David Dustin Kenyon as Lt. Baker
Anthony Casasda as Boat Driver

Belize extra : Norman Boara, Jason Young, Denry Lopez, Gary Stephens, Sydney Richards, Rudolph Neal Jr., Stanley Reneav, Gilroy Thurton, Louis Jones, Jason Thurton, Isaac Stephens.

Background person : Kathryn Fernandez, Anthony Rodriguez, Arthur Romeo, Ray Mirabal, Fernando Reynoso, Steven Roughan, Walter Rodriguez, Claudia Botero, Veronica Marin, Ryan Robinson, Fabio A. Ortega, David Gutierrez, Mark Martene, Jonathan Gomez, Carlos Escobar, Diana Cabuto, Jim Fulton, Elizabeth Del Re, Adam Rady, Kathryn Fernandez.

Ashley Carr as Half Dead Person (uncredited)
Artie Fiske as ‘Alto’ Soldier (uncredited)
S. Henderson as Submarine Crewman (uncredited)

Release Dates
USA : 10 April 2010
UK : 16 July 2010
USA : 25 September 2010 (Boobs and Blood International Film Festival)
France : 9 October 2010 (Nantes)
France : 23 November 2010 (DVD premiere)
France : 27 November 2010 (Paris L’Absurde Séance)
Japan : 3 December 2010 (DVD premiere)
Belgium : January 2011 (limited)
Netherlands : January 2011 (limited)
Italy : 5 October 2011 (DVD premiere)
Netherlands : 19 July 2012 (DVD premiere)

Also Known As
(original title): Mega Piranha
Greece (DVD title) : Gigantia piranhas
Greece : Γιγάντια Πιράνχας
Hungary : Megapiranha – Gyilkos a mélyből
Japan (Japanese title) : メガ・ピラニア
Japan : メガ・ピラニア
Japan (transliterated title) : Mega Piranha
Mexico : Mega piraña
Poland : Mega pirania
Portugal : Mega Piranha
Russia : Пираньи: Идеальные хищники
Serbia : Mega pirana
Spain : Megapiraña
Turkey (Turkish title) : Dev Pirana

Filming Locations
Long Beach, California, USA
Los Angeles, California, USA

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