Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus

Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus

“Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus” is a huge disaster film produced by the sanctuary, which was released in the United States on December 21, 2010. Movie stars Jaleel White, Gary Stretch, Robert Picardo, Dylan Vox, Hannah Cowley, and Sarah Lieving. This movie is the sequel to the 2009 movie “Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus” and the second in the “Mega Shark” series, but there is almost no original film.

Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus
Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus

Deep in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an illegal diamond mining activity awakened a huge 150-foot (46 m) prehistoric crocodile. At the same time, on the Atlantic, the USS Gibson was sunk by Megalodon and was suffocated by an octopus in the first movie. Lieutenant Terry McCormick (Jaleel White) is testing a shark-repellent device and is the only survivor of the attack.

Back in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a British hunter named Nigel Putnam successfully captured the giant crocodile while trying to eat the giant crocodile and injected his tranquilizer dart into its mouth in. He then transported the crocodile to the shipyard for his friend to load it on a cargo ship.

In Los Angeles, California, McCormick is being interrogated for the USS Gibson incident of Special Agent Sarah Lieving of the United States Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He was responsible for the sinking, which shows that his sonic device was lured into Megalodon. Therefore, he provided a way to help Hutchinson hunt down Megalodon through his invention.

Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus
Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus

At the same time, a cargo ship was carrying a calm alligator on the Atlantic 400 miles south of Florida. According to reports, the ship also carried crocodile eggs. Then, without warning, the ship was attacked by Megalodon, awakening the crocodile from sleep. Putnam and his partner Jean jumped off the ship before being destroyed in the ensuing battle.

On the aircraft carrier USS Lexington, McCormick was introduced to Admiral Calvin (Robert Picardo), who told him that his elite crew had only one goal: to hunt down and destroy the giant monitor lizard. There is a room on the McCormick aircraft carrier and the most advanced tracking equipment. Hutchinson was sent to a remote island to meet and question Putnam, who washed ashore just after the cargo ship incident.

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When Putnam informed her of the captured crocodile, Hutchinson was shocked because her team only knew about Megalodon. She then put him in handcuffs and took him back to the carrier. After arriving there, the staff found eggs on another island. General Calvin appointed McCormick to accompany Hutchinson and Putnam to catch eggs. After arriving on the island, they discovered that these eggs were laid on the coastline and were about to hatch. When seeing Megalodon’s fin nearby, Hutchinson ordered Lexington to launch missiles on the island.

Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus
Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus

When the team left the island, the megalodon swallowed eggs, angering the crocodiles, and an F-18 Hornet squadron fired missiles into the cave with more eggs. When the Alligator invaded Miami and headed for Orlando, McCormick suggested using an arc flash lamp powered by the nearby Turkey Point Nuclear Power Station to fend off it. Gambling is effective because the arc light sends the crocodile back to the sea.

On the Lexington, Putnam suggested dissecting the crocodile eggs to find its vulnerable factors. The team was informed that there was an egg on board the USNS Invincible submarine and the Black Hawk helicopter was transporting two. They also discovered that Megalodon was attracted by the eggs because it had swallowed Invincible and Black Hawk to transport them.

Since there is no cage or the trap is large enough to capture the two creatures, Putnam suggested to lure Megaratn and the crocodile into the Panama Canal, which is not in favor of McCormick. The submarine “Argonaut” was sent to the wreckage of the cargo ship to retrieve some crocodile eggs. The retrieval mission was successful and the eggs were thrown into the Panama Canal. Instinctively, Megalodon and Crocodile both reached the canal, where they fought each other while being attacked by the navy. This battle caused a wave, and as the two creatures continued to bite each other, the wave destroyed the entire Panama Canal.

It was later discovered that when Megalodon swallowed the earlier batch, the crocodile had adapted to laying more eggs on its own. Hundreds of eggs have been laid on the coast of the United States and are hatching. When the Alligator Hatchery attacked the Santa Monica Pier, the nuclear submarine Carter was hunting down the two giant creatures heading to Hawaii.

Carter fired a nuclear torpedo at these creatures, but missed and was swallowed by Megalodon. This makes Megalodon a greater threat because it already has a nuclear reactor inside. When the crocodile invaded Hawaii, it crashed the helicopter carrying McCormick, Putnam and Hutchinson. Because Hutchinson was unconscious, McCormick and Putnam left her and took the raft to drop McCormick’s acoustic transmitter into the sea. This is part of their new plan: to attract all living things to the submarine volcano. Near the range.

Voice transmitters lure adults fighting with each other, and Crocodile Hatchery comes to help their mothers. McCormick and Putnam were then picked up by Hutchinson, who recovered and restarted her helicopter. The volcano exploded and detonated the core of the shark, killing both adults and juveniles. The three flew home, while the crocodile and shark (now completely charred, but still clinging to each other) sank into the volcano.

After earning the credits, Nigel met Jean on the beach and mentioned a monitor lizard in Japan. He asked him if he wanted to, and his partner said: “In one case, there is no boat.” They shook hands and embarked on another adventure.

Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus
Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus

Directed by
Christopher Ray (as Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray)

Writing Credits
Micho Rutare (story)
Naomi L. Selfman (screenplay) (as Naomi Selfman)

Jaleel White as Lt. Terry McCormick
Gary Stretch as Nigel Putnam
Sarah Lieving as Special Agent Hutchinson
Robert Picardo as Admiral Calvin
Gerald Webb as Jean
Dylan Vox as CWO Butowski
Hannah Cowley as Legatt
Michael Gaglio as Captain Smalls
Jessica Irvine as the USS Omaha Captain
Steve Mason as an Investigator
Neil Watson as an Investigator II
Robert R. Shafer as Charlie Ross
Darin Cooper as Commander Vail
Luke Noll as Hobo Rogers McFreely
Joey David Garcia as Teenager
Claire Scott as Teenager
Clem Hansen as Teenager

Release Dates
USA : 21 December 2010
Netherlands : 14 September 2011
France : 16 November 2011

Also Known As
(original title) : Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus
Croatia : Megapsina protiv Crocosaura
Czech Republic : Megažralok vs. crocosaurus
France (TV title) : Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus
Greece : Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus
Greece : Μέγα-Καρχαρίας Εναντίον Κροκόσαυρου
Hungary : Gyilkos cápa az óriáskrokodil ellen
Hungary (alternative title) : Megacápa az óriáskrokodil ellen
Japan (Japanese title) : メガ・シャークVSクロコザウルス
Japan (transliterated title) : Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus
Mexico : Tiburón vs. súper lagarto
Poland : Megarekin kontra krokozaurus
Portugal : Megatubarão vs. Crocossauro
Romania : Megarechin contra Crocosaurus
Romania (alternative title) : Teroarea din adâncuri 2
Russia : Гибель титанов
Spain : Megatiburón contra crocosaurio
USA : Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus

Filming Locations
Asylum Studios, Los Angeles, California, USA
Bronson Caves, Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park – 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, California, USA
S.S. Lane Victory, Pier 94, San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, USA

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