“MegaFault” is a 2009 TV disaster film directed by Sanctuary, directed by David Michael Rattle, directed by Brittany Murphy, Justin Hartley, Eric LaSalle, Tamara Jones, Paul Logan and Bruce Davidson starring. This is the last film that Brittany Murphy (Brittany Murphy) died a few weeks after its premiere.


In West Virginia, Charles “Boomer” Baxter is setting up a mountain to run out of explosives. He detonated TNT, and an unprecedented earthquake destroyed the area. A few hours later, the government seismologist Dr. Amy Lane (Amy Lane) reached the epicenter.

She realized that the earthquake had opened a deep fault through central North America, extending to the San Andreas fault. Any further turbulence will lead to massive earthquakes and tsunamis, destroying Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities along the Pacific coast, and killing millions of people.


Dr. Lane and Boomer chased the expanding cracks in the earth’s crust and made a plan to stop the next earthquake. They decided to use satellites orbiting over the mainland to trigger earthquakes. They launched it when they reached the Grand Canyon, thinking that when the new fault hit the canyon, it would be forced to turn south and turn to the Gulf of Mexico. When the fault crossed the canyon, they launched satellites into the canyon, but the plan was wrong. The fault is not to the south, but to the north, towards the Yellowstone crater.

They realized that if the fault passed through the crater, it would explode, venting thousands of tons of ash into the atmosphere, killing millions of people, and causing the volcanic winter. They decided to put explosives to block the path of the fault. Later, when arriving at the park, Boomer detonated explosives, stopping the fault near the volcano, but killing Boomer. Finally, the footage flying around the United States shows a huge canyon spanning most of the entire African continent.


It premiered on the Syfy channel on October 10, 2009, and was released on DVD on November 24, 2009. It premiered at Sky Movies Premiere in the UK on December 10, 2010.

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Directed by
David Michael Latt

Writing Credits
Paul Bales (screenplay)

Brittany Murphy as Dr. Amy Lane
Eriq La Salle as Charley ‘Boomer’ Baxter
Bruce Davison as Dr. Mark Rhodes
Justin Hartley as Dan Lane
Paul Logan as Major Boyd Grayson
Jack P. Downing as General Banks
Jack Goldenberg as Sebastian
Miranda Schwein as Miranda Lane
Jessica Stratton as Dravinski
Sarah Garvey as Jerry Blair
Jeff Ashcraft as Major
Gloria Long Collins asVanessa
Trevor Collins as Norman
Mary Cunliffe as Joanne Raye
Richard ‘Goose’ Giesecke as Glen
Kaitlyn Makelbust as Katie

Paul M. Walker III as Doug (as Paul Melvin Walker III)
Andrew Stephen Pratt as Armstrong (as Andrew Pratt)
Christine Van Vooren as Mona
Whitney Engstrom as Captain
Justin Stewart as Aide
Lloyd Keppy as Army Truck Driver
Henry Pacha as Amry Truck Driver
Arnold Kaufman as Army Truck Driver
Diane Kauffman as Red Cross Worker
Brad Nelson as Red Cross Worker
Larry McBride as Army General
Scott Keppy as Army Truck Driver
Ben Pacha as Army Truck Driver
Jim Pacha as Army Truck Driver
Clint Hardesty as Army Solider

Richard Ralfs as Army Soldier
Trevyn Rupp as Army Pilot
Anya Benton as Radio Dispatcher
Heather Adams as Background person
Matthew Aimone as Background person
Katie Allen as Background person
Kein Allensworth as Background person
Sonny Alvarez as Background person
Julie Anders as Background person
A.J. Haut as Background guard (as David ‘AJ’ Haut)
Sheila Heubach as Background
Dana Tomasko as Female Tech (voice)
Julie Zick as Background person
Reila Aphrodite as Kate (uncredited)
Sue Gerver as Government Official (uncredited)

Release Dates
USA : 10 October 2009
USA : 24 November 2009 (DVD premiere)
Japan : 3 February 2010 (DVD premiere)
Germany : 7 May 2010 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)
Italy : 20 July 2010
Poland : 19 August 2010 (DVD premiere)
France : 25 September 2010
Portugal : 9 May 2011

Also Known As
(original title) : MegaFault
Austria (working title) : Final Day – Das Ende der Welt
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) : Мегаразлом
France : Secousse sismique
Germany : Final Day – Das Ende der Welt
Italy : MegaFault – La terra trema
Japan (Japanese title) : ディープ・コア2010
Poland : Krytyczne 24 godziny
Portugal : Magnitude Máxima
Russia : Мегаразлом
Spain : MegaFault

Filming Locations
Davenport, Iowa, USA

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