Meteor Apocalypse

Meteor Apocalypse

“Meteor Apocalypse” is a 2010 American science fiction film directed by Micho Rutare. When senior military chiefs aimed their missiles at a huge meteor that fell into the soil of the United States, scientist David Dematti (Joe Lando) was one of many ordinary citizens trying to save his family. David took his wife (Claudia Christian Christian) and daughter to a place deemed safe by federal officials, and he desperately searched for them. He selflessly stopped to save a sick stranger named Lynn (Cooper Harris), but when the planet is in deadly danger, will his heroism disappear?

Meteor Apocalypse
Meteor Apocalypse

It is determined that the orbit of the long-period meteor directly crosses the path of the earth’s orbit. All the nuclear nations in the world fired missiles at the comet, but fragments of the comet continued to hit the earth, polluting the groundwater and making millions of people sick.

The story tells the process of David Demartie (Joe Lando) looking for his wife Kate (Claudia Christian) and his sick daughter Alison (Madison McLaughlin). They were initially isolated in the Las Vegas Valley. David found and revived a young woman named Lynn (Cooper Harris) at the gas station and took her to Las Vegas.

Meteor Apocalypse
Meteor Apocalypse

When they arrived, they watched the meteor shower destroy most of the city and learned that the quarantine area had been moved to Los Angeles. David can also find an antidote for this mysterious disease. When it was discovered that the largest comet fragment was likely to hit Los Angeles, he began to evacuate in a hurry. The problem is that the quarantine area is forgotten. Lynn died while trying to rescue David’s family, leaving enough antidote for David’s daughter. He and his family were quickly reunited and watched the last debris hit the city from a safe distance.

Meteor Apocalypse
Meteor Apocalypse

The film is produced and distributed by Shelter Films. The release date of this film in North America is February 23, 2010

Directed by
Micho Rutare

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Writing Credits
Brian Brinkman (screenplay)
Micho Rutare (screenplay)

Joe Lando as David Dematti
Claudia Christian as Kate Dematti
Cooper Harris as Lynn Leigh
Madison McLaughlin as Alison DeMatti
T.J. Lepage as Mark
Jon Gale as National Security Advisor / Peter
Abby Leigh as Stratcom Washington
Ben L. Daniels as Stratcom North Atlantic (as Ben Daniels)
Darrell Philip as Stratcom Wyoming
Gabriel Bresler as Young Commander
Alice M. Brinkman as Bible Study Friend #1
Janice McLaughlin as Bible Study Friend #2
Brendan Bradley as Curtis Langley
Courtney Johnson as Guard

Jonathan Alfaro as Guard
Jan-Michael Cortes as Guard
Christopher Fonseca as Guard
Edmond Choi as Guard
Robert Puga as Guard
Gregory Paul Smith as Damien
Amanda Jaros as McKenzie
Peter Husmann as Agent Nielson
Spencer Scott as Agent Munez
Celestial Celestial as Pastor King (as Cecile M. Johnson)
Mina Joukar as Nidra Singh
Jennifer Smart as Madeline
Dana Tomasko as Grace
Kamaal Reffigee as Justin
Richard Shaluly as Sam

Scott Hansen as Marauder with Gun
Jonathan Martinez as Secret Service Agent
Marcus Tucker as Secret Service Agent
Chris Kuzmicz as Paramedic #1
Michael Samudio as Paramedic #2
Antony Larios as ATV Driver
Jamie Figueroa as ATV Driver
Oscar Chavez as ATV Driver
Matthew Tagayun as Matthew
Maxfield Lund as Max
S. Henderson as Man (as Sex Henderson)
Morgan Martin as Goverment Office Worker
Sueann Han as Candace Mills
Anthony Rodriquez as Donny
Matt Lagan as Harvey Pitts
AJ Anselmo as Boy

Mileydy Juan as Church Girl #1
Gabie Arcila as Church Girl #2
Carlos Juan as Church Boy #1
Myrta Amachado as Rioter
Brian Gibes as Rioter
Kelly Wrather as Rioter
Errine Jared as Rioter
Jamie McCorkle as Rioter
Amanda Eby as Rioter
Aldo De Leon as Rioter
Ku Aquino as Rioter (as Manuel Aquino)
Michelle Ray as Rioter
Corey Leigh Roberson as Rioter
Sasha Lopez as Rioter

Andrew Anderson as Rioter
Brittany Bowman as Rioter
Michael Gonzalez as Rioter
Randall Maxwell as Rioter
Ben Rosenblatt as Rioter
Nicholas J. Hurwitch as Rioter (as Nick Hurwitch)
Andrew Mastin as Military Police
Rodolfo Zelada as Military Police
Thomas Alicea as Military Police (as Thomas Alilea)
Gary McCorkle as Military Police
Ryan Rampersap as Refugee
Mayra Bravo as Refugee

Rodolfo Bravo as Refugee
Edward Gonezalez as Refugee
Carla Herrera as Refugee
Felipe Bravo Jr. as Refugee
Olga Globensky as Refugee
Teagan McClarren as Refugee
Guadalupe Ramirez as Refugee
Jerice Kenebrew as Refugee
Clara Croft as Refugee
Ceric Kenebrew as Refugee
Isis Ortiz as Refugee
Amber Barbell as Hostage Child
Theresa Deveaux as NASA Agent
Greg Hahn as Refugee / Guard
Courtney Johnson as Guard
David Dustin Kenyon as Dustin Landau-marauder
Waymond Lee as Quarantine Victim

Release Dates
USA: 23 February 2010

Also Known As
(original title) : Meteor Apocalypse
Australia : Meteor Apocalypse
Canada (French title) (working title) : Météore apocalyptique
Czech Republic : Apokalypsa meteorů
Greece (transliterated title) : O meteoritis tis Apokalypsis
Hungary : Kettős csapás
Iran (Persian title) : Shahabe Akharozaman
Italy : Meteor Apocalypse – Pioggia di fuoco
Japan (DVD title) : Armageddon 2010
Japan (Japanese title) : アルマゲドン2010
Poland (alternative title) : Zagłada z kosmosu
Poland : Apokalipsa meteorów
Portugal : Apocalipse a Ameaça dos Meteoros
Romania : Meteoritul
Russia : Столкновение
Turkey (Turkish title) (video CD title) : Meteor Kıyameti

Filming Locations
Los Angeles, California, USA

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