Moby Dick

Moby Dick

Moby Dick (hereinafter referred to as “2010: Moby Dick” or “Moby Dick: 2010”) is a 2010 film adapted from Herman Melville’s 1851 novel “Moby Dick” “. This movie is the work of the sanctuary and is played by Barry Bostwick as Captain Ahab. The film was also played by Renee O’Connor, Michael B. Teh, and Adam Grimes, and was played by Terry Stokes ( Trey Stokes) directed.

Moby Dick
Moby Dick

On November 20, 1969, the American Marine Corps Acushnet, 50 miles away from Soviet waters, dived into the ice bottom. When a young Ahab suddenly found an unknown target, he was listening to sonar to search for an enemy submarine. When the captain listened, he heard nothing, but Ahab insisted on being empty.

The target rushed into battle a, but the captain gave up his search and turned to shoot the target. When Ahab heard the roar, the target would attack the submarine. The submarine was taken to the cold surface, and the target identified itself as a huge, white, whale-like creature. Ahab survived, but when it dragged the other half of the submarine back underwater, his left leg lost the power of the beast.

Moby Dick
Moby Dick

Today, Dr. Michel Herman (O’Connor) and his assistant Pip (Derrick Scott) lurked behind them behind the Whale Shark, the Whale Generator was tested , Executive Lieutenant Starbucks (Grims) persuaded them to come on board. In the submarine, Starbucks told them about several attacks. Witnesses reported seeing giant whales.

Although Michelle explained that the whale’s vocal generator needed to record the whale’s voice, Captain Bostwick came to the deck and recorded his Moby Dick record for her in 1969. . Animals, she has no choice.

In San Diego, Captain Boomer (another survivor of the 69th attack) was told by his superiors that suspicious activities were taking place around Pequad. He was sent to investigate, and because of the survivors of the most recent beluga attack, he concluded that Ahab was hunting the beluga.

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Meanwhile, the USS Essex is searching for Pequad near Hawaii. When they used active sonar, it attracted the attention of wandering Moby Dick. Essex engaged in what seemed to be the submarine they were looking for, but it was too late, realizing that their opponent was biological before the submarine was destroyed by the torpedo it launched.

Later, Pequad came to their residence with traces of whales, but encountered the bodies of the Essex crew. Ahab angered his crew, and then continued to search for beasts.

When the submarine followed a 600-foot target, a helicopter looking for Pequad encountered it. When the helicopter was at war with them, the submarine fired a nuclear bomb at an unknown target, but the confused helicopter crew told them that they shot a group of giant squid before being swallowed by a beluga.

When Pequad intervened in Michelle’s whale generator, the whale then attacked the cruise ship S.S. Rachel. However, this caused the whales to attack them, and subsequently destroyed the fins on Pequad.

The submarine fired a harpoon made of Acushnet hull above Moby Dick’s eyes, which forced him to dive deeper and drag Pequad. When the water pressure began to damage the hull, the line suddenly broke and Starbucks forced the ship to surface.

Moby Dick also surfaced, and Pequad, with Boomer’s help, pushed the whale into the atoll. The submarine was trapped in shallow water and three ships were dispatched to face the whale with guns and Ahab’s harpoon. Moby Dick destroyed two of the ships and forced the survivors to the island.

The whale attacked them again, resulting in the death of Michael Teh. Ahab took the last boat and fired a harpoon at the other eye of the whale. Moby Dick destroyed the ship and killed Ahab.

The remaining Pequod crew, including Starbucks and Pip, opened fire on the island in accordance with Ahab’s orders. Moby Dick dodges nuclear weapons and crushes Pequad, just like the island exploded. The white whale survived and caused severe damage the next day; when the rescue helicopter arrived, Michelle surfaced.

Directed by
Trey Stokes

Writing Credits
Paul Bales (screenplay)
Herman Melville (story)

Barry Bostwick as Captain Ahab
Renée O’Connor as Dr. Michelle Herman
Matt Lagan as Capt. John ‘Boomer’ Enderby
Adam Grimes as Lt. Commander Starbuck
Dean Kreyling as Admiral De Deers
Jay Gillespie as Young Ahab
Jay Beyers as Young Boomer
Carl Watts as Captain Pollard
Thom Rachford as Captan Chase
Carlos Antonio as Captain Macey
Brian Hall as Stubb

Bart Baggett as Lt. Flask
Michael Teh as Queequeg
Derrick Scott as Pip (as Derrick A. Scott)
Durant as Doughby (as Durant Fowler)
Veronika Kurshinskaya as Elena
Kevin Sumethasorn as Archy
Oliver Rayon as Bulkington
Carlos Javier Castillo as Cabaco (as Carlos J. Castillo)
Nathaniel Benton as Dutch
Michael Gaglio as Millard ‘Duck’ Davis
Will Green as Captain Brian Tashtego
Kevin Allen as Seahawk Pilot

Timothy F. Griepp as Sonar Officer Bill Prescott (as Timothy Griepp)
Roger Groh as Perth
Jett Turner as Essex Sonar
Nathieu Grandjean as Fire Control Officer
Gary Sofia as Commander Bunger
David Thomas as Seahawk Navigator
Bianca Del Vecchio as College Girl
Ian M. Kronenberg as Pavel (as Ian Kronenberg)
Manuel Schuster as Dive Officer
Brian Finifter as Seahawk Co-Pilot
Barry Alexander as Dive Officer
Bryan McClure as Voice-overs (voice)

Background person : Chase Badawi, Sunivy Thipsiakhom, Lauren Dunton, Cindi Arrata, Steven Badawi, George Konyeaso, Michael Badawi, Chase Allen, Eric Schwartau, Dustin Green, David Banuelos, Tobin Streamland, Matthew Cooke, Anjel Alcaraz, Ross Paul.

Christopher Jones as Seaman #2 (uncredited)
Jeff Jones as Seaman #1 (uncredited)
Valiant Michael as Helmsman (uncredited)
Ben Shadle as Helmsman (uncredited)
Kit Williamson as LCPL Perth (uncredited)

Release Dates
USA : 23 November 2010
Netherlands : 31 May 2011
Sweden : 26 October 2011

Also Known As
(original title) : 2010: Moby Dick
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) : 2010: Моби Дик
Greece : Moby Dick
Hungary : Moby Dick, a fehér bálna
Japan (Japanese title) : バトルフィールド・アビス
Norway : Moby Dick
Russia : Моби Дик: Охота на монстра
Spain : Moby Dick 2010
Sweden : Moby Dick
Turkey (Turkish title) : 2010: Moby Dick
UK : Moby Dick
USA : 2010: Moby Dick

Filming Locations
AES Alamitos, 690 North Studebaker Road, Long Beach, California, USA
Asylum Studios, Los Angeles, California, USA
Laurel Canyon Stages – 9337 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Arleta, Los Angeles, California, USA
Palos Verdes, California, USA

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