Murder on the Cape

Murder on the Cape

Murder on the Cape : Based on the Christa Worthington case. The unemployed fisherman has an affair with the fashion writers wintering in Cape Town. Two years later, she returned with her children, and when she was murdered, the fisherman was the main suspect.

Murder on the Cape
Murder on the Cape

Murder on the Cape : After losing his job, fisherman Mike Luna (Josh Walther, Eugene ONeill, art as life) was forced to work in the close community of Cape Cod. While she was spending a winter vacation there and flying sparks, he met fashion writer Elizabeth Baydwin (Jed Harlow, Bay).

They had an enthusiastic extramarital affair, but gossip spread and his wife Nancy (Heather Egly of Gather Forest) soon became suspicious of his continued disappearance. Mike canceled the affair, but Elizabeth was surprised by the news that he was pregnant and planned to keep the baby when she returned to the city.

Two years later, when Elizabeth and her son returned, Mike panicked. She tried to rekindle their extramarital affairs, but he didn’t want to have any relationship with her. Soon after Elizabeth told his wife about this, she was murdered.

Murder on the Cape
Murder on the Cape

Who murdered Elizabeth? Was her murder the unfortunate casualty of a drug deal between Carlos and Sami (Chris Lazaro of the Jersey Shore Massacre)? Is Nancy in jealous anger, or Elizabeth’s obsessive neighbor Peter (Tim Missuraze, “Young and Restless”), who is hopelessly in love with her? Or Mike himself? According to the true story of New York fashion writer Christa Worthington, the murder in Cape Town is a mystery obsessed with film directors and still haunts the state Supreme Court.

Directed by
Arthur Egeli

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Writing Credits
Ian Bowater
Arthur Egeli
Heather Egeli

Jade Harlow as Elizabeth Baldwin
Josh Walther as Mike Luna
Heather Egeli as Nancy Luna
Tim Misuradze as Peter Benedict
Chris Lazzaro as Sammy Santos
Kevin Cotter as Jimmy Beekman
John Clayton as Carlos
Sarah MacDonnell as Roxy
Bragan Thomas as Father McCauley
Bryce Egeli as Bryce Luna
Christina Egeli
Tobias Everett as Annoying Tourist
Lisa Hayes as Assistant Harbormaster
Alison Hyder as Social Worker

Murder on the Cape
Murder on the Cape

Release Dates
USA : 31 August 2017 (internet)

Also Known As
(original title) : Murder on the Cape
UK : Murder on the Cape
USA : Murder on the Cape
(working title) : Denton Harbor, Murder on Cape Cod

Filming Locations
Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA

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