Operation Dunkirk (2017) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Operation Dunkirk (2017) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Operation Dunkirk 2017: A group of soldiers was forced to stay in the Battle of Dunkirk to save an intelligence scientist who might turn the tide of the war, and must fight in dangerous Nazi territory to complete the mission.

Operation Dunkirk 2017
Operation Dunkirk 2017

Operation Dunkirk 2017

Directed by
Nick Lyon

Writing Credits
Geoff Meed (screenplay)
Stephen Meier (screenplay)

Ifan Meredith as Lt. Calloway
Kimberley Hews as Angelique
Darren Hill as Vincent Harris
Kyle Hotz as Sgt. Walker
Conner P. Kelley as Thomas (as Connor Kelley)
Tyler Cole as Roger King
Michael Wouters as Strasser
Brent Roske as Pierre
Gerard Pauwels as Colonel Plummer
Jerry L. Beasley as Harmon
Eddie Curry as German Scientist

Paul Nicely as Luc
Christopher W.D. Howe as Radio Operator
Charles J. Adams as Radio Operator
Alex Willey as German Soldier
Alex Neeley as German Soldier
Brandon Edwards as British Soldier
Brandon Graham as Nazi Soldier #3
Brian M. Alvey as Nazi Soldier #1
Bryan Neely as German Soldier
Bryan Neely II as German Soldier
Caleb Laschinski as British Soldier
Carl Doninger as British / German Soldier

Daniel Heinrich as German Soldier
Dave Weakley as German Soldier
David Wate as German Soldier
Dominic Alvey as German Soldier #8
Dylan Howe as German Soldier #6 (as Dylan J. Howe)
Charles James Adams as Radio Operator
J. Kevin Combs II as German Soldier
Justin De La Rosa as Nazi Soldier #5
John R Grounds as Nazi Soldier #2
John Todd Hartzler as German Soldier #4
Jonathan Hartzler as German Soldier #7

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Operation Dunkirk
Operation Dunkirk 2017

Release Dates
UK : 3 July 2017
Germany : 1 August 2017
USA : 29 August 2017
Japan : 2 November 2017

Also Known As
(original title) : Operation Dunkirk
Germany (DVD title) : Operation Dünkirchen
Japan : オペレーション・ダンケルク
Russia : Дюнкеркская операция
USA : Operation Dunkirk

Filming Locations
Nineveh, Indiana, USA
(Johnson County Park)
Edinburgh, Indiana, USA
(300 Naomi Street)
Franklin, Indiana, USA
(97 East Monroe Street)

Operation Dunkirk
Operation Dünkirchen

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