Range 15

Range 15

Range 15 is a zombie comedy movie. The film was produced in collaboration with the experienced military clothing company Ranger Up and Article 15 Clothing and cheered many of their staff. This movie was produced and directed by Ross Patterson.

Range 15
Range 15

After a whole night of debauchery, five military comrades (Matt Best, Nick Palmiciano, Jared Taylor, Jack Mandaville and Vincent “Rock Vargas”) When a drunk tank woke up and found that they passed out in the cell, the zombie end of the world had already begun. They realized that when they saw the zombie Richard Schindler (William Shatner) trying to attack Rocco At that time, although Rocco quickly hit the head and killed him. They didn’t panic, but were ecstatic, excited about the zombie apocalypse.

After seeing events such as Marcus Luttrell currently happening outside being attacked and swallowed by zombies, the organization then prepared its own armed forces, which were obtained from the police station where they were detained Armed with a truncheon. As they marched, they found a mentally wounded soldier told them that they needed to reach 15 range, but before they could get more information from the soldier, he started to turn into a zombie almost biting Jack, but Matt saw And hit him. He killed his head with a truncheon.

Range 15
Range 15

After a series of contacts with zombies, the group reached the police armory. Heather (Jesse Wiseman) and Eliza (Mindy Robinson) occupied the building, locked the door, and refused to let them. enter. Through verbal communication, Heather finally allowed them to enter where they found Evan Hafer (Evan Hafer) sitting in a chair for not sharing weapons.

When they discovered from Heather that area 15 was a backup point for the ELE (Extinction Event), they gathered around the map to research. The gang is now carrying rifles and side weapons from the police armory, and with the addition of Heather and Eliza, they begin their journey to Area 15. Due to the need for transportation, the team went to the cistern and decided to take Jared’s “whiskey truck”, which was confiscated the night he was used to transport distilled whiskey when he was arrested.

Range 15
Range 15

Before leaving, Evan was torn off his penis by the zombie Martin Klebba while urinating to stop his pain. The mat then shot his head. During the trip, the team encountered zombies again, and they discovered that after Rocco tried to use a bottle as a Molotov cocktail to incinerate bottled beer, bad batches of distilled whiskey (mixed with Viper semen) could actually cure the infected. Zombies, but restore them to their normal state instead. After making this discovery, Nick suggested that Matt hand over the whiskey to Matt’s former commander, Colonel Holloway (Keith David) for research, testing, and mass sales.

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Once the team brought the whiskey into Holloway, Holloway asked his best man to take it to Range 15 for testing. Sergeant Major Gene Vandenham (Rose Patterson), a very arrogant army special forces soldier, everyone except Mat loves him, and Mat is noble My ego and strongly dislike him.

On the way to the 15th mountain range, Vandenham informed the team that Holloway had notified him that the zombies were getting faster and stronger, and they might overtake at any given location, so the colonel said To avoid this situation, a helicopter transport road was arranged. After recruiting more zombies near the helipad, Vandenham decided to stay and fight the remaining zombies, believing that the organization brought the whiskey to Range 15.

Range 15
Range 15

Once airborne, it was obvious that pilot Griggsby (Sean Astin) was infected and he decided to jump to death while Jarred tried to land the helicopter. Now walking to the 15th range, the zombie attacked Mat, but before killing it, it managed to bite Mat’s leg. The infection began to spread faster than usual. Nick and Rocco suggested that Matt take anal therapy, because alcohol is directly absorbed into the blood, so it works faster than drinking.

After Mat is cured, they continue to their destination and finally reach the silo, which is also the entrance of Range 15. The zombies close because they don’t know how to enter. Mat decides to lure the zombies away from his comrades and make them chase his comrades, which will make his fate Unknown.

The remaining team members finally found a way (Jack failed to see a very obvious button next to him). After entering the room, they handed the whiskey to the scientist Jim O’Heir, who poured some distilled whiskey on the zombie he restrained on the bed for testing, but nothing happened.

The team was confused and tried to find out the reason until Eliza poured Kill Cliff on the zombie to restore it to normal state, and then went on to explain that whiskey is the main element necessary, but to work, it needs a proper delivery system and Kill Cliff is that. This kind of transmission system explains why Kill Cliff is attributable every time an infected person is restored. Then, Hathaway brought the whiskey to the laboratory so that it could be copied and distributed as soon as possible.

Range 15
Range 15

Assuming that the dead Mat reached the 15th range, he explained that he was saved by the “zombie killing dream team” formed by Leroy Petry, Clint Romesha, Tim Kennedy and Tom Amenta. Then 2LT Chandler informs them that the zombies are invading and the door will not stop them.

Then they went to fight the zombies, but shot Eliza when Tom Amenta didn’t know who Leroy Petry and Clint Romesha were (both Medal of Honor recipients) and why they were heroes.

After stopping the various zombie waves, the rigid Randy Couture appeared. They called them Zombie Couture. Tim Kennedy personally gave it to Couture, and he finally won.

In the final battle, the group partnered with Zombie Trejo (Danny Trejo), who easily defeated each of them solo, until Mat finally managed to cut his throat and kill him. After the 15th scope incident, the team returned to Colonel Holloway, who then told them that they would be respected by the President.

Range 15
Range 15

At the awards ceremony, President Mattis (Dale Dye) was about to acknowledge the man who saved mankind with Matt and his comrades. He thought he was only intoxicated by the President talking about the sheriff Major General Gene Vandenham (Gene Vandenham), which frustrated Matt. In the last scene, Rocco is seen returning to the gas station, and they stopped earlier in the film when they met Colonel Holloway.

Then they fell in love with a zombie after having sex in a small restaurant at the gas station and greeted him. They shared a kiss, then he picked her up and walked into the sunset.

The inspiration for Range 15 was dissatisfaction with the military methods depicted in many Hollywood movies, including the characterization of soldiers, inaccuracy in the use of uniforms and weapons.

Dakota Meyer, Leroy Petry (received the Medal of Honor) and Army Green Berets and UFC fighters, Tim Kennedy participated in the release video, Former Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell (Marcus Luttrell) and Clint Romesha (Clint Romesha) participated in the film’s cast. Meyer later withdrew from the film, and other actors signed with Danny Trejo, Keith David, Dale Dye, Jim O’Hare and William Shatner, eventually joined the cast.

Range 15
Range 15

“Ranger Up” and “Article 15 Clothing” launched the Range 15 crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo in May 2015. The initial goal of the event was set at 325,000 US dollars, which is needed to promote film production. This is in addition to the $250,000 that each company has invested in this film.

The two companies used social media and various stimulus packages to gain support for the film. Privileges include the digital download of the movie, the honor of the executive producer, the extra content in the movie, and the ultimate hero of the movie. In the first 24 hours, the event raised more than $120,000 and reached its original goal within a week.

Range 15
Range 15

In June 2015, “Range 15” was the 5th most popular movie on Indiegogo. The event eventually surpassed $1 million, making it the fourth largest event on Indiegogo.

The main photography work started on October 5, 2015. Filming was completed in two weeks and ended in mid-October 2015.

Directed by
Ross Patterson

Writing Credits
Billy Jay
Nick Palmisciano
Ross Patterson

Danny Trejo as Zombie Trejo
Keith David as Colonel Holloway
William Shatner as Richard Chindler
Sean Astin as Pilot Grigsby
Bryan Callen as Guard Callen
Ron Jeremy as Ron Jeremy
Mindy Robinson as Eliza
Jim O’Heir as Scientist Hathaway
Dale Dye as The President
Randy Couture as Zombie Couture
Martin Klebba as Zombie Klebba
Brendan Schaub as Guard Schaub
Al Thompson as Largo

Ross Patterson as Gene Vandenham
Vincent Vargas as Rocco
Melanie Specht as Mrs. Vandenham
Marcus Luttrell as Self
Lindsay Lamb as Kesha
Rachel Hardisty as Rocco’s Zombie
Mat Best as Self
Jessie Wiseman as Heather
Tim Kennedy as Self
Jarred Taylor as Self
Nate Boyer as Bar Patron
David Quane as Henry Kesha
Jacob Schick as Zombie
Dakota Meyer as Self – Medal of Honor Recipient (as Sgt. Dakota Meyer)

Jesse Merlin as 2LT Chandler
Nick Palmisciano as Self
Rob Vardaro as Self
Hollywood Heard as Nic – Smoking Convict
Casey Nelson as Bob Zombie
Clinton Romesha as Clint
Jack Mandaville as Self
Mary Dague as Self
Brandon Pelletier as Zombie
Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones as Zombie
Nick Koumalatsos as Zombie
Dane Bingenheimer as Zombie / Bar Patron / Hazmat Team
Leroy Petry as Self
Evan Hafer as Self
Paul J. O’Leary as Zombie
Tom Amenta as Self

George S. Patton as Zombie / Bar Patron
Janden Hale as Col Holloway’s Guard (as Daniel Donche)
Tj Kirgin as Arrow in the butt guy
William Jones
Gage Galotti as Teen Zombie
Tony Aguiniga as Bar Patron / Spec Ops Soldier
David T. Quan as Zombie
Brian Aft as Zombie
Thomas Doc Henderson as Zombie
Michael Dixon as Rhino / Zombie / Hazmat
Mike Russ as Zombie / Bar Patron / Hazmat Team
Chris Elles as Kiwi
Joey Taylor as Hipster
Matt O’Leary as Zombie
Dan LaBonte as Paul Drees
Cody Tesar as Bar Patron, Zombie

Gary Stevens Gary Stevens as Soldier, Hazmat Technician
Jax Patterson as Zombaby
Jay Hayslett as Zombie / Bar Patron
Trevor Lee Logan as Soldier Playing on Phone
Scott Hebble as Zombie / Chow Hall Cop
Matthew Serrano
David Snider as Zombie / Bar Patron / Soldier
Scott O’Neal as Zombie
Jed Morgan as Zombie
Andrew Botrell as Zomie
Lauren Webster as Zombie
Robert Torres as Zombie / Bar Patron
Austin G. Renfroe as Zombie / Bar Patron / Hazmat Soldier
David DalNegro as Zombie / Bar Patron
Justin Carlgren as Zombie / Hazmat / Bar Patron
Brian McCarthy as Zombie
Scott Jansen as Zombie
Lawrence Green as Zombie

Release Dates
USA : 25 January 2016 (Veterans Film Festival)
USA : 27 May 2016 (GI Film Festival)
USA : 15 June 2016
USA : 7 August 2018 (internet)

Also Known As
(original title) : Range 15
Australia : Range 15
Brazil : Área 15
Russia : Диапазон 15
UK : Range 15
USA : Range 15

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