Sea Beast

Sea Beast

“Sea Beast”, also known as Troglodyte, is a 2008 American television giant movie, featuring Miriam McDonald, Daniel Wisler, Brandon Jay McLaren Starring with Colin Nemaker. It was released on DVD on June 30, 2009. This is the 16th movie in the Maneater series.

Sea Beast
Sea Beast

Will was fishing with his crew in a thunderstorm. When they tried to pull the fishing net in, a wave of waves hit the boat, and a crew member Joey suddenly spit out, was attacked, dragged into the sea, and killed by an invisible creature. The mysterious creature attaches itself to the bottom of the ship.

Go back to the village and hold a funeral for Joey. Will found slime on the boat with Joey. Will’s two crew members, Danny and Drew, secretly plan to go to a nearby island with their girlfriends Carly (Will’s daughter) and Erin. Due to work reasons, Drew planned to join other teams the next day, but was swallowed by the beast attached to the ship.

The next day, Will and Arden searched for Drew, but found a broken arm in the water. They also found slimes on the platform of the dock. Back on the island, Carly found Elin on the beach, waiting for Drew. After Carly left, Irene saw the boat drifting. She went to pull the rope back, but was slapped and paralyzed by the beast, and then killed. Will confronts Ben, who lost a crew member in the same way as Will, asking himself to tell people his true situation.

Sea Beast
Sea Beast

When collecting firewood, Danny was taken aback when a smaller beast suddenly appeared. When he tried to take a photo, it bit his hand. Will meets Arden, who tells him that mucus is a toxin. When they discussed the beast, they were beaten to death by the beast and killed two teenagers. Will chase, but will escape. Danny and Carly retrieved the first aid kit from the boat but found that the boat was missing.

Danny suspected that Erin took it to fight Drew. Sheriff Jay, Roy and two other men organized a hunting party but were killed by the beast. Arden conducted scuba diving to investigate the situation and found eggs laid by the hatched beast. She concluded that there are more eggs.

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Danny and Carly found Irene’s body and fled back to the cabin. The smaller beasts attacked them in the hut. They managed to kill some beasts on the second floor. A large group of people appeared downstairs, so they locked themselves in the bathroom. Will and Arden discover that the hunting team has been slaughtered. The captain of the harbor, Barbara, broadcasts Will and tells him that he was using his bait to set up traps on the dock.

Sea Beast
Sea Beast

When the coast was clear, Danny and Carly rested for this but were ambushed by a lonely beast. Danny managed to kill Carly while attacking. Will and Arden looked back to find Barbara’s headless body lying on the dock platform, Ben was killed by the venom. Will found that Ben had marked the beast with a GPS tracker, and it was heading to the island.

Carly and Danny escape from the cabin to an abandoned ferry to check if they can broadcast a call for help. The beast realizes they are inside and appeals to the smaller beast. Will and Arden go to rescue them. When they found Danny who was going to take them to Carly, the beast killed him. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Carly killed the little beast that tried to attack her.

She escaped and rejoined Will and Arden. They found a nest full of eggs. The mother beast attacked them, but when Carly and Arden escaped from the ferry, Will shut them out. The creature attacked Will, but he survived and blew up the ship, destroying all the beasts and eggs. Will, Carly, and Arden decided to start their own fishing business and ended the movie.

Directed by
Paul Ziller

Writing Credits
Neil Elman (written by) and Paul Ziller (written by)

Corin Nemec as Will McKenna
Miriam McDonald as Carly McKenna
Daniel Wisler as Danny (as Daniel James Wisler)
Camille Sullivan as Arden
Gwynyth Walsh as Barbara
Brent Stait as Ben
Gary Hudson as Sheriff Jay McKenna
Christie Laing as Erin
Brandon Jay McLaren as Drew
Douglas Chapman as Joey
Roman Podhora as Roy (as Roman Podhara)
Brock Johnson as Hunter #1
Brad Kelly as Hunter #2
Lea Coffman as Witness

Release Dates
USA : 30 June 2008
Portugal : 30 June 2009

Also Known As
(original title) : Troglodyte
Germany : Sea Beast – Das Ungeheuer aus der Tiefe
Greece (DVD title) : To ktinos tis thalassas
Greece : Το Κτήνος της Θάλασσας
Hungary : Mélytengeri ragadozó
Japan (Japanese title) : フィアー・フロム・デプス
Poland : Bestia z głębin
Portugal : Instinto Feroz
Romania : Monstrul din adâncuri
Russia : Твари из бездны
Spain : La bestia marina
USA (new title) : The Sea Beast
USA (new title) : Sea Beast

Filming Locations
BC Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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