Strategic Command

Strategic Command

“Strategic Command” is a 1997 aerial hijacking film directed by Rick Jacobson, starring Michael Dudikoff, Richard Norton, Paul Winfield, Brian Cranston and Co-starring Stephen Quadros. This film was co-created by Sean McKinley and Tripp Reid.

Strategic Command
Strategic Command

Rudi Harding (Dudikoff) is a former Marine Corps officer who currently works as a biological weapons scientist at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The film begins after Harding’s laboratory is infiltrated, which causes terrorists to fight their hands with the deadly nerve agent Brobro 36. Led by Carlos Gruber (Norton), terrorists hijacked the Second Air Force (Vice President’s plane), a Boeing VC-25 flying from Los Angeles to Washington, DC. Harding must participate An aerial effort took back the Second Air Force and saved the Vice President and his wife.

Strategic Command
Strategic Command

Directed by
Rick Jacobson

Writing Credits
Sean McGinly (written by)
Tripp Reed (written by)

Michael Dudikoff as Dr. Rick Harding
Paul Winfield as Rowan
Richard Norton as Carlos Gruber
Amanda Wyss as Michelle Harding
Jsu Garcia as Captain Rattner (as Nick Corri)
Robin Lange as Lisa
Gina Mari as Mira
Stephen Quadros as Vlos
Tim Abell as Dino
Michael Cavanaugh as Vice President Charles Baker

Warren Burton as Colpart
Jim McMullan as The President
Matthew Walker as Brier
Marcus Aurelius as Ernie Wells
Larry Poindexter as Jack Haynes
William Langlois as Martin (as William Langlois Monroe)
Alexandra Bokyun Chun as Amie (as Bok Yun Chon)
Bryan Cranston as Phil Hertzberg

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Release Dates
USA : 6 January 1997 (video premiere)
Hungary : 30 July 1997 (video premiere)
Germany : October 1997 (video premiere)
Japan : January 1998 (video premiere)
Iceland : 13 January 1998 (video premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : Strategic Command
Brazil : Comando Estratégico
Canada (French title) : Commando exécutif
France (video title) : Haute tension
Germany : Executive Command – In einsamer Mission
Greece (video title) : Proedriki entoli
Hungary : Bevetési parancs
Italy : Situazione critica
Japan (Japanese title) : エグゼクティブ・コマンド
Lithuania : Neatsaukiamas isakymas
Russia : Приказано уничтожить
Spain : Executive Command
USA (working title) : Executive Command

Filming Locations
Los Angeles, California, USA

Strategic Command
Strategic Command

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