Street Racer

Street Racer

“Street Racer” is a 2008 action film produced by The Asylum. Its name is similar to the movie “Speed ​​Racer”, but its overall plot is more similar to “Fast and Furious” (especially “Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift” released in 2006). The movie is advertised by the asylum because it is based on real events.

Street Racer
Street Racer

Johnny Wayne (John Wayne (Clint Browning)) is a former racing driver who was serving a sentence in prison after paralyzing a young boy in an illegal street race in Los Angeles. Wayne was traumatized by these events, vowed not to participate in the competition, and was soon released as a reformed citizen.

Wayne tried to restore his life and become an honest and hardworking member of society, but he gradually found himself drawn back to street racing by his former colleagues, giving him the opportunity to maintain his title as the ultimate street racer in Los Angeles.

Again, this is one of the scariest movies about street racing.

Street Racer
Street Racer

Directed by
Teo Konuralp

Writing Credits
Carey Van Dyke (screenplay)
Shane Van Dyke (screenplay)

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Clint Browning as Johnny Wayne
Dorothy Drury as Kelly
Robert Pike Daniel as Red
Jason Ellefson as Mickey Styles
Dustin Fitzsimons as Steve
Michael Crider as Briggs
Connor Herlong as Daniel
T.J. Zale as Robert
Reggie Jernigan as Derek
Kelli Dawn Hancock as Armenia
Sinead McCafferty as Sheila
Jennifer Dorogi as Teddy
Jack Goldenberg as Travis

Release Dates
USA : 27 May 2008
Croatia : 22 October 2008
Japan : 5 December 2008
Portugal : 2009

Also Known As
(original title) : Street Racer
Croatia : Vatrene utrke
France : Street Racer – Poursuite infernale
Portugal : Street Racer – Velocidade Marginal
Russia : Уличный гонщик

Alexander Yellen

Distributed by
The Asylum

Release date
May 27, 2008

Running time
85 minutes

United States


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