The Day the Earth Stopped (2008) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

The Day the Earth Stopped (2008) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

“The Day the Earth Stopped 2008” is produced by the independent studio The Asylum, directed and starring by C. Thomas Howell, a 2008 American direct-release DVD science fiction film. Its title and premise are similar to the 2008 remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (of which The Day the Earth Stopped is a mockbuster), but the plot of the film also absorbed other science fiction movies involving aliens Elements such as “Transformers”, Independence Day and Earth and UFO. This film is the second asylum film directed by Howell, the first of which is “War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave”.

The Day the Earth Stopped
The Day the Earth Stopped

Movie star director Thomas Howell (C. Thomas Howell) is the protagonist, soldier Josh Myron, he has witnessed the arrival of giant alien robots, unless they show the value of human survival to humans, they have May destroy the earth. Myron became a fugitive to protect the alien’s messenger Sky (Sinead McCafferty) and tried to satisfy her request, and the aliens began to tilt the earth to its axis, and all military defenses were defeated.

The movie centers on the soldier Josh Myron, with 666 huge alien robots landing on the earth. When the robot landed, two alien humanoids also arrived, a man and a woman. Both were eventually captured by soldiers who tried to communicate with them. Eventually, the woman started talking to Myron and revealed that she could read his thoughts with others. Mellon was told that the entire human race poses a threat to the rest of the galaxy, and unless the value of humanity is shown to humans through sunset, the planet will be destroyed.

Attempts to communicate with the robots failed because they popularized any attempts to attack them and even fired rifles to attract their attention. Efforts to use the Sidewinder missile delivered by YF-22 to destroy the robot. The missile was ineffective and the attack aircraft was destroyed.

The woman revealed her name as Skye in her closest English translation, and also showed her ability to use surrounding energy to protect herself. However, after using the command, the officer in charge of the “mission” started using Taser on Skye, which caused Myron to intervene violently and was kicked out of the project. He went to AWOL, but when driving away, Skye made a telepathic connection with him, and he returned to rescue her. This work proved to be successful, and began to search for him and Skye throughout the city.

The Day the Earth Stopped
The Day the Earth Stopped

When the robots began to systematically attack the planets, the male aliens also managed to escape, first with the help of EMP (this helped Josh rescue Skye). It was also discovered that the robot was slowing down the core of the earth and preventing the rotation of the planet.

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Efforts to destroy one of the robots through a nuclear explosion sacrificed 9,000 residents on a small island. After the bomb exploded, the machine was unharmed, and Skye felt that the dying pain of people almost disappeared. Josh took the time to comfort Skye until the army found them again. Myron and Skye met a married couple who placed their wife behind the 4×4 when they gave birth.

Today, Skye is convinced of the value of humans, so he needs to go to the nearest robot to return home and end the invasion. However, before Skye entered the robot, Skye was shot by the military. Skye and Myron were taken back to the base. When Skye was injured, the rotation of the planet stopped and a major global earthquake occurred. The commander realized that Myron was right and helped Myron transfer Skye to the vehicle. When they left, they were chased by a psychologist who firmly believed that keeping Skye would prevent the robot from attacking further.

Myron was shot by a psychologist at the feet of the robot. The robot gasified him. The alien male arrives, sees that Skye and Myron may both be dead, and uses his own power to bring them back to life. Skye hugged Myron gratefully, and then sent both aliens into the car. The invasion ended and the robot left. The planet was intact, but was severely damaged.

The Day the Earth Stopped
The Day the Earth Stopped

The Day the Earth Stopped

The Day the Earth Stopped Directed by
C. Thomas Howell

The Day the Earth Stopped Writing Credits
Harry Bates (short story “Farewell to the Master”) (uncredited)
Darren Dalton (screenplay)
Edmund H. North (1951 screenplay “The Day the Earth Stood Still”) (uncredited)
Carey Van Dyke (screenplay)
Shane Van Dyke (screenplay)

The Day the Earth Stopped Cast
C. Thomas Howell as Josh Myron
Judd Nelson as Charlie
Darren Dalton as Prewitt
Sinead McCafferty as Sky
Bug Hall as Man
Cameron Bender as Sam
Jonathan Sanders as Aide
Lew Knopp as Davis
Reiko Kaneshiro as Lisa
Jason Ellefson as Dr. Shankman
Graham Denman as Urchin
Scotty Carlisle as Guard

Prince Pheenix Wade as Guard
Theron Cook as Guard (as Theron Cook II)
Jose Prendes as Guard
Alejandro Mora as Guard
Patrick Ian Moore as Guard
Jared Gallen as Guard (as John Harley)
Jake B. Miller as Special Ops (as Jake Miller)
Tyler Koster as Special Ops
Brian Krow as Special Ops
Warren Henry as Special Ops
Stephanie Greco as Agent
Daniel Inkeles as Agent

Abigail Digna Prendes as Sky Baby
Juan Louis Mendez as Background person
Julio Molina as Background person
Jessica Prendes as Church goer
Charles Miller as Background person
Shelby Lewis as Church goer #2
Raule Martinez as Background person
Raj Thiruselvan as Drunk Man
Todd Honig as Man Running
Holly Slater as Woman Running
Lynn Beaudoin as Terrified Woman
Ronnie Freeman as Background person

Sean Mauser as Background person
Veronica Bombela as Background person
Thomas S. Bobwes as Background person
John Heisler as Background person
Branwyne as Mourning Woman (uncredited)
Ben Brock as Champs O’Fallon (uncredited)
Brandon Clutton as Spec Ops #7 (uncredited)
Gary Daniels as Self (uncredited)
Jeff M. Lewis as Jeff (uncredited)
William Morey as Dr. Will (uncredited)
Dustin J. Trost as Running Irishman (uncredited)

The Day the Earth Stopped Release Dates
USA : 9 December 2008
Argentina : 1 January 2009
Hungary : 27 February 2009
Poland : 27 August 2009
Germany : 22 June 2011
France : 26 June 2012

The Day the Earth Stopped Also Known As
(original title) : The Day the Earth Stopped
France (DVD title) : Space Destructors
Germany (DVD title) : Der Tag, an dem die Erde stillstand 2
Germany (complete title) : Der Tag an dem die Erde stillstand 2 – Angriff der Roboter
Hungary : A nap, amikor a Föld megállt
Japan (Japanese title) : 地球が静止した日
Mexico : El día que la Tierra se detuvo
Poland : Dzień, w którym Ziemia zamarła
Russia : Когда Земля остановилась
Spain : El día que el mundo se detuvo
UK : The Day the Earth Stopped

The Day the Earth Stopped Filming Locations
Singing Springs, Angeles National Forest, California, USA
Compton, California, USA
United Pacific Studios – 2260 E. 15th Street, Los Angeles, California, USA

The Day the Earth Stopped Distributed by
The Asylum

The Day the Earth Stopped Release date
December 9, 2008

The Day the Earth Stopped Running time
90 minutes

The Day the Earth Stopped Country
United States

The Day the Earth Stopped Language

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