The Evil Within

The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a 2017 American horror film directed and directed by Andrew Getty, featuring Frederick Koehler, Michael Berryman, and Sean Patrick · Starring Sean Patrick Flanery. The film was originally called “The Storyteller”, which was a personal project of Getty. He used his own funds to raise funds for himself. It is estimated to cost four to six million U.S. dollars and takes 15 years to complete. After Getty passed away in 2015, the film was edited by producer Michael Luceri (Michael Luceri).

The Evil Within
The Evil Within

It made its official debut at the Fantasporto Film Festival on February 26, 2017. It was later acquired by Vision Films, which released the film through Video on Demand on April 4, 2017. It received mixed reviews from critics, criticizing the film’s imbalance and dialogue, and praising the weirdness of the film and Getty’s love of materials.

Dennis is a mentally disabled person who has had nightmares in his entire life since he was a child, including the time he entered the carnival journey that seemed unbelievable. Someone told him that “the journey is not over yet.” As an adult, Dennis had a dream, that is, a living demon, named Cadaver, tied a zipper on his back and entered his body.

Also in his dream, he found a hidden room in the cellar with a full-length mirror hidden in it. Dennis believed that the corpse came from there. The next day, his brother John presented him with the same mirror as a gift. He began to speak about his reflection, and he seemed to be answering him.

Dennis’ brother John has his own difficulties. His girlfriend Lydia asked them to get married, but was unhappy that he had done nothing with Dennis. Mildy Torres, a lady from the social services department, visited him, and she thought Dennis needed to be taken away.

This made John feel uneasy because he thought Dennis was his responsibility. Dennis continued to have nightmares about the corpse, and his reflection told him that in order to get rid of it, they needed to start killing animals. He started working in the secret wine cellar that confused John, especially when he saw Dennis had a video about taxidermy. Dennis said that these videos were not his but were accidentally switched by other customers.

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Once Dennis starts killing children, his reflection will show more competent behavior and reveal that “he” is the one who gave him the nightmare, and they have more to kill. Dennis met his crush, Susan, at his favorite ice cream shop, who is an employee. He tried to ask her out, but the conversation became awkward and Susan rejected him and hurt him. The corpse sends Dennis back to kill Susan.

The Evil Within
The Evil Within

Before he reached her, she ran into the street and was killed by a moving vehicle. When John and Lydia took Dennis to his favorite restaurant, he was said to have killed a man in the bathroom without hesitation, frightening himself. Dennis tried to destroy the mirror, but his reflection pushed him in and replaced the “real” Dennis.

After going out at night, John and Lydia discovered that they hadn’t recognized anyone in the places they regularly visited, which meant that Dennis had killed more people. Mildy Torres arrives at the house with two officers, all killed by Dennis. While sitting in a favorite cafe, John reveals his secret to Lydia: Dennis is a child prodigy whose work has been published in the newspaper.

One day in the fight, John beat Dennis and he fell off the stairs. When he woke up, his thoughts were greatly weakened, and John felt guilt from then on. Lydia sympathizes with John and accepts the notion that if she marries John, Dennis will live with them forever. She left to find Dennis so that they could share happy news at dinner. John’s friend Pete was sitting nearby and he found that the taxidermy tape was Dennis. John instructed Pete to call the police, and then he called a taxi.

The Evil Within
The Evil Within

Lydia arrived at the house and was stabbed by Dennis. Dennis continued to move her inside. John arrives and enters the wine cellar, he sits on a chair under the spotlight. Dennis appeared with the ready-made Lydia and performed a ventriloquism, and John realized that he was glued to the chair.

The previous victims were all packed and used in luxurious diorama, showing that John deliberately hit Dennis with a baseball bat while sleeping. Afterwards, he used Dennis’s fabrication and fell downstairs to cover up his violent behavior. As more stuffed toy bodies are found, it is not clear whether John or Dennis is seeing what actually happened. John was at a loss and shot himself.

Dennis was violently knocked down by the Cadaver-Spider hybrid, only to show that he was actually restrained by the police and dragged him away.

The final scene shows Dennis in a filled room. The results showed that when the real Dennis plunged into the depths of his subconscious, Dennis’ reflex was still under control. All Dennis can do now is to wait for his dream and finally leave the carnival.

The evil within is inspired by Getty’s childhood dream night. A post-production producer who worked on the film and a friend of Getty said, Ryan Readenour said: “When he was a child, he had these truly powerful, sick, distorted dreams that made them Shocked so much that he didn’t expect them to come from him.” Getty thought that it might be the storyteller who created these dreams, and then the storyteller was the first title of the movie.

In a supplementary interview about the DVD release, Getty also said that he was inspired by the killing of David Berkowitz, son of Sam, by Sam Samings. Getty hypothesized, what if a demon really gave the order of a serial killer.

Filming began in 2002, and the film was mainly shot in Getty’s own mansion. He also converted a room in the mansion into a post-production kit. He made his own unique cameras, made expensive cameras, and worked with his FX team to create exquisite electronic animation robots, including octopuses that can play drum kits.

The Evil Within
The Evil Within

However, due to funding issues and actor conflicts (including lawsuits by studio assistants), the production will cease and begin operations for many years. The actors and staff have also made many changes, and according to Koehler, only he and Michael Berryman can make changes.

This is the last film to take Matthew McGrory as an example. He appeared in an uncertified cameo in the scenes he shot before his death in 2005. Both McGrory and Berryman’s health (who have been sick for several years) have slowed down production, and script scenes will be replaced.

After the shooting, Getty continued to work on the film, creating his own special effects and trying to perfect the film. He died before the film was completed in 2015, and the coloring and editing work has not yet been completed. Producer Michael Luceri (Michael Luceri) also edited the film and completed it.

Directed by
Andrew Getty

Writing Credits
Andrew Getty

Sean Patrick Flanery as John Peterson
Dina Meyer as Lydia
Frederick Koehler as Dennis Peterson
Michael Berryman as Cadaver
Francis Guinan as Dr. Preston
Brianna Brown as Ice Cream Sue
Kim Darby as Mildy Torres
Matthew McGrory as Giant at Overlook Cafe
Tim Bagley as Pete
Randy Sklar as Cop #1
Jason Sklar as Cop #2
Don Stanton as Cop #3
De Anna Joy Brooks as Mom at Carnival
Greyson Turner as Young Dennis at Carnival
Linda S. Nelson as New Ice Cream Shop Girl
Kelly Mantle as Drag Queen at Bookstore Cafe
Alan Gale as TV Anchorman
Gary Morgan as Bathroom Victim
Denise D. Semrau as Overlook Waitress
Billy Mayo as Monsoon Host
Andrea Edmondson as Monsoon Waitress
Dayna Riesgo as Monsoon Waitress (as Dayna J Riesgo)
John Murray as Neighbor
Hans Von Hazz as Supporting Cast
Taryn O’Neill as Supporting Cast (as Taryn O’Neal)
Hank Amos as Zombie
Sagiv Ben-Binyamin as Zombie
Andy Dylan as Zombie
Neal Everett as Zombie
Michael Gaines as Zombie
Meegan Godfrey as Zombie (as Megan Godfrey)
Chobi Gyorgy as Zombie
Leigh Hennessy as Zombie
Bobby C. King as Zombie (as Bobby King)
Karine Mauffrey as Zombie
Eric Newton as Zombie
Tara Page as Zombie
Lexi Pearl as Zombie
Vicki Phillips as Zombie
Chris Rogers as Zombie
Katia Sereno as Zombie
Nicole Brandon as Extra
Robert Alvarez as Dancer / Spider
David Banks as Talent
Kevin Lee as Dancer / Spider
David Michael Lewin as Body Double / Frederick Koehler (uncredited)
David Light as Mutant Businessman (uncredited)
Sébastien Stella as (uncredited)

Release Dates
Portugal : 26 February 2017 (Fantasporto Film Festival)
USA : 4 April 2017 (DVD premiere)
UK : 20 April 2017 : (Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival)
Indonesia : 30 August 2017
Spain : 27 October 2017
Mexico : 27 October 2017 (Morbido Film Fest)
Netherlands : 27 October 2017 (Amsterdamned)
Greece : 4 May 2018 (Horrorant Film Festival)

Also Known As
(original title) : The Evil Within
(original title) : The Storyteller
Australia : The Evil Within
Canada (English title) : The Evil Within
Germany : The Evil Within – Töte alles, was du liebst
Japan (Japanese title) : The Evil Within
Russia : Зло внутри
UK : The Evil Within
USA (working title) : Whiplash

Filming Locations
Guadalupe, California, USA (Ice Cream Store, bus crash, and various exterior street scenes)
El Mirage Dry Lake, California, USA
Los Angeles, California, USA
California, USA

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