The Incantation

The Incantation

The Incantation : A young American girl visits the castle of her ancestors in southern France. She discovered that her family had hidden a shocking secret for their past evil deeds and had not been pried away.

The Incantation
The Incantation

In this picturesque supernatural thriller, a young American girl, Lucy Bellerose, has the opportunity to visit her ancestor’s ominous castle in southern France for life. However, things weren’t as she discovered, because her family was hiding deep and dark secrets about their vicious past, and their eyes were not opened. Unknown to Lucy, the area has been home to witchcraft and mysterious folklore for hundreds of years.

After meeting a sudden Reverend Borley and her socially clumsy maid, Mary, Lucy began to question her status in the family. The surprisingly handsome traveling salesman Abel Baddon (Abel Baddon) tried to ease her fears and ease her reluctance. However, only after meeting a charming gravedigger named J.P. did she begin to feel relieved. He navigated her through the turbid waters of her family in the past and finally revealed a shocking revelation.

The Incantation
The Incantation

Directed by
Jude S. Walko

Writing Credits
Jude S. Walko

Dean Cain as Abel Baddon
Sam Valentine as Lucy Bellerose
Jude S. Walko as The Vicar of Borley
Dylan Kellogg as Jean-Pierre
Margie Clarke as Ethereal Crone
Dan Campbell as Lieutenant Dan
Chris ‘Ozzy’ Osburn as Mysterious Cloaked Figure
Alexandre Majetniak as Drunkard
Maxence Bernard as Car accident gawker
Beatrice Orro as Mary the Chambermaid
Francoise Darmagnac as Irish pub patron
David Girard as Irish pub patron
Caroline Gatouillat as Little Rose

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Cécile Martinez II as Car Accident Gawker
Serge Darmagnac as Irish pub patron
Annie Renger as Irish pub patron
Jerome Marchand as Taxi Driver
Cindy Piot as Car accident gawker
Jean-Luc Wallet as Car accident gawker
Anthony Lamidieu as Car accident gawker
Jacky Garsault as Car accident gawker
Luc Voyer as Car accident gawker
Frederic Viennet as Irish pub patron
Sophie ‘Sweet Shop’ Malki as Ms. Montparnasse
Pascale Marchi as Irish pub patron
Francoise Wallet as Car accident gawker
Christophe Bernard as Car accident gawker
Marianne Huet as Irish pub patron

Max Gatouillat as Cemetery mourner
Astrid Briat as Young Lucy
Allan Vincent Swan as Fire Performer
Oliver Forait as Irish pub patron
Violette Dubreuil as Julie
Genevieve Vanhalst-Chaigneau : pub patron
Amiot Bernard as Paramedic 1
Jean Mary Monnoir as Cemetery mourner
Martine Francois as J.P.’s Mother
Lucette Boursier as Irish pub patron
Guy Meilhan as Disembodied Male Voice (voice)
Carole Bernard as Car accident gawker

Brigette Demazeau as Irish pub patron
Robert O’Sullivan as Additional cloaked figure
Cyprien Blanchet as Irish pub passerby
Katy Valentine as Irish pub patron
Alexis Gueroult as Alain
Elena Ravolet as Car accident gawker
Jean-Pierre Fouet as Paramedic 2
Yvette Page as Irish pub patron
Thibault Carves as Cafe owner

Release Dates
USA : 28 February 2018 (Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival) (premiere)
UK : 27 April 2018 (Unrestricted View Film Festival)
USA : 31 July 2018 (DVD/Blu-ray release)
USA : 31 July 2018 (VOD Release)

Also Known As
(original title) : The Incantation
USA : The Incantation

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