The Last Rescue

The Last Rescue

“The Last Rescue” is a 2015 war film directed by Eric Colley and starring Brett Cullen. During World War II, three American soldiers and two Army nurses were trapped on enemy territory. They took a senior German military officer as a hostage and tried to plan an escape.

The Last Rescue
The Last Rescue

In the autumn of 1944, a few months after the D-Day in northern France, there was an exchange of fire between the Germans and the Americans. Private James Lewis saw his friend killed in the battle next to him. He froze and did not fire at the German soldiers. As a result, Captain Beckett was injured and he marked Lewis as a cof. Nurse 1st Lieutenant Vera Cornwall ordered Nurse 2nd Lieutenant Nancy Bell from the transport truck to assist in the operation of Captain Beckett.

The German soldiers returned and killed the doctor, and captured the wounded Beckett, Lewis, Lieutenant Maxwell and two nurses. With the transfer of American prisoners of war, the paratroopers Griggs and Fisher rescued them. In the fight, Maxwell cut a German defender. While planning the next move, an SS officer shot and killed Fisher. The angry Griggs physically attacked and killed the Germans, and SS-Obersturmfuhrer Dittrich surrendered to the United States.

The Last Rescue
The Last Rescue

The organization needs to find its own troops with the surrounding Germans. A German soldier stopped for lunch, the prisoner Dietrich yelled to shoot them, and Lewis yelled to put down your rifle. In the confrontation, Beckett shot and killed the German, and Lewis once again did not use a gun. They came to a French farmhouse, and the owner Bruno Travert reluctantly allowed them to stay in the barn. Lewis thought the captain must hate him, and Maxwell assured him that he was just trying to save his life. Lewis establishes a relationship with Nancy, and Maxwell establishes a relationship with Vera.

The next day, when Bruno and Vera were ready to supply supplies, two SS officials came to check. Coward Lewis hides behind the door. The Germans are looking for strangers and think that Bruno lives alone. When the two soldiers saw Nancy, Lewis shot, and now they have a second German prisoner.

The captain decided that they must die. Maxwell and Lewis led the prisoners into the forest. Graf begs for a lifetime, but Dietrich remains silent. Lewis cannot shoot his man, but you will hear two shots in the woods. Nancy had a conversation with the captain about the killing. He said it was simple. If he does not kill the enemy, they will kill him. The opposite of the same.

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The Last Rescue
The Last Rescue

When the four left the farmhouse, a truckload of Germans returned looking for the Americans. They executed Bruno, but did not see Vera. The four found an American tank and Maxwell contacted the radio, but the four were captured again. The SS officer Hesse decided that Lewis had to fight men to strengthen his muscular men. He was beaten. They plan to escape. While dragging the water, they surpassed the cordon.

Lewis shot him with a German guard gun, and Maxwell blew up a muscular man with a German grenade. Lewis then killed the ammunition guard and controlled the supply. He planted bombs around the camp. The SS officer Hesse issued a decree, marking the prisoners of war as traitors and sentenced them to death. Vera was also taken away and killed. Lewis set off a camp bomb and rescued his Americans. When they left in a jeep, Vera shot Hessen.

They were free, but when they approached the waiting Americans, the Nazi flag was flying on their jeep. Lewis gave up the lucky American flag his sister gave him, and they were welcomed and safe.

Directed by
Eric Colley

Writing Credits
Sean Gleaves (written by)
Hallie Shepherd (written by)

Brett Cullen as Captain Beckett
Cody Kasch as Pvt. James Lewis
Gilles Marini as Bruno Travert
Ryan Merriman as Paratrooper Griggs
Johann Urb as Feldgendarm Hans Graf
Elizabeth Rice as 2nd Lt. Nancy Bell
Darren Keefe Reiher as Lt. Maxwell (as Darren Keefe)
Hallie Shepherd as 1st Lt. Vera Cornish
Tony Doupe as SS-Oberführer Hesse
Tino Struckmann as Dittrich
Fred Griffith as Doctor

Dawson Doupé as Feldgendarm Tobias Keller
Daniel Magill as Paratrooper Fisher
Benjamin Reed as Pvt. Anderson
Eric Colley as Lt. Bill Nelson
Corey Burks as Pvt. George
Sean Barber as Horst
Charlie Corella as Pvt. Campbell
David Kilgo as German in Woods
John Blair Richards as German in Trench
Jason Benjamin as German with Bayonet
Robert G. Colley as Fellow Private
Frank Arend as German Soldier

Mitchell Batten as American / German Soldier
Kendrick Blinn as American Soldier
Burke Bolinger as American / German Soldier
Jack Bolinger as American Soldier
Dillon Borel as American / German Soldier
William Borre as German Soldier
Gage Bradbury as German Soldier
Charles Breeden Jr. as German Soldier
Charles Breeden Sr. as German Soldier
Caleb Breeden as German Soldier
Mark Chapman as German Soldier
Kellans Copell as American / German Soldier

Justin Courville as American / German Soldier
Aidan Devillier as American / German Soldier
Chip Dobson as American Soldier
Paul Dolle as German Soldier
Raphael Edmond as American Soldier
David Effler as German Soldier
Rob Effler as American / German Soldier
Steve Effler as German Soldier
Joshua Ellerson as German Soldier
Shelby Ellerson as German Soldier
Blake Enfinger as German Soldier
Eric Fraser as American / German Soldier

Joshua Halverson as American Soldier
Chase Hargrove as American / German Soldier
Ronald Harrison as American Soldier
Montelle Herbert as American Soldier
Trey Hough as SS Private
Jaden Johnson as German Soldier
Jerry Jordan as German Soldier
Rick Kieffer as American Soldier
Elvin Manges as American / German soldier
Seth Manges as American Soldier
Vin Manges as American / German SS
Artoor Mansouri as German Soldier
Shaun Miller as German Soldier

Brian S. Moe as American / German Soldier
Scott A. Moe as American / German Soldier
Jonah Nabinger as German Soldier
Joshua Nabinger as German Soldier
Wesley Odom as German Soldier
Richard Patterson as American / German Soldier
Matthew Pendergraft as German Soldier
Anthony Roberts as American Soldier
Ben Salvetti as German Soldier
Kevin Shultz as German Soldier
Jackson Smith as German Soldier
Lee Tingey as German Soldier

Bruce T. Voyles as American Soldier
Dennis Wallace as American Soldier
Patrick Williams Jr. as German Soldier
Chris W. Wilson as German Soldier
Jesse Wilson as American / German Soldier

Release Dates
Netherlands : 21 April 2015 (DVD premiere)
UK : 1 June 2015
Japan : 3 June 2015 (DVD premiere)
USA : 7 July 2015 (DVD premiere)
Germany : 30 October 2015 (DVD premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : The Last Rescue
Canada (English title) : The Last Rescue
Germany (DVD box title) : Normandie – Die letzte Mission
Russia : Последний шанс
UK (DVD title) : Normandy: The Last Rescue

Filming Locations
Alabama, USA

Music by
Jeffery Alan Jones

Bryant Jansen

Edited by
Eric Colley
Paul Proios
Hallie Shepherd

Distributed by
Artist View Entertainment

Release date
July 7, 2015

United States


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