The Remake

The Remake

The Remake: The two actors who originally met during filming in the early 1920s discovered that love might become more complicated the second time because they reunited for the second time and starred in the latest remake of their earlier film.

The Remake
The Remake

Veteran actors Sheridan O’Connor and Riccardo Rossi reunited to remake the film they shot together in the 1970s, but their constant quarrels made director Frank Zell Frank Zelski became a reluctant referee. Sheridan and Riccardo were surprised when they started to relive the past through the eyes of the characters. On Larry King’s TV talk show, they talked about their destiny face to face-in front of a live audience.

The Remake
The Remake

Directed by
Lynne Alana Delaney

Writing Credits
Lynne Alana Delaney

Sally Kellerman as Aunt Peg
June Lockhart as Irene O’Connor
Timothy Carhart as Francis Zelski
Robert Romanus as Mark Curtis
Patrika Darbo as Eileen OConnor
Larry King as Larry King
Pete Gardner as Don Driscol
Marisa Petroro as Beverly
Sabrina Culver as Claudette
Fred Maske as Jeremy
Isabel Oliver Marcus as Melinda
Audrey Corsa as Rebecca
Jeremy Guskin as Jay

Tessa Munro as Lori Simmons
Nichelle Hines as Victoria
Lynne Alana Delaney as Sheridan O’Connor
Chad Jamian as Patrick (as Chad Jamian Williams)
Mike Breyer as Tony
P.J. Marino as Jim
Poonam Basu as Stephanie
Sheila Korsi as Consuelo
Stanley B. Herman as Saul Goldberg
Cameron Meyer as Vanessa (voice)
Juanita Guzman as Brenda
Amol Shah as Daniel
Lynne Newton as Lydia
Mark Teschner as Mark Teschner
Jack Younger as Seamus

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Lucy Rayner as Charlotte
Laura Rossi as Erica (as Laura Colquhoun)
Lester Purry as Sinclair
Ruben Roberto Gomez as Riccardo Rossi
Matt Drago as Joey
Bri Parcel as Justine (as Brianna Michelle Parcel)
Mary Manofsky as Maggie
Thiago Palma as Young Riccardo
Macarena Abad as Anika
Louella Boquiren as Kimberly
Luisa Vitor as Debbie
Richard Simms as Derrick
Caleb Chomer as Julian
Dawn Dail as Alexandra (Alex)

Raymond Morris as Marty
Roz McHenry as Xanadu
Kathy Bell Denton as Sybil
Isabella Culver as Emily
Rachel Zink as Fiona
Nora Hall as Karisma
Michael Alton Lowder as Charles
Jacopo Manfren as Renato
Jason Young as 1st A.D. Jason
Hayley Crisp as MacKenzie
Malia Dawkins as Chloe
Davide Giliberti as Amar
Steven G. Lawrence as Chris
Sunit Gupta as Reverend Gupta

Jaq Galliano as Sean
Jamie Lujan as Francisco (as James Lujan)
Kay Reul as Rose
Annabel Romanos as Jacqueline
Bill Mountain as Wess
Robert Van Guelpen as Vijay
Martha Fernandez as Sofia
Jennifer Hellman as Ava
Olivia Pikus as Olivia
José De Vega as Marcelo
Kelly Huff as Riley
Dorothea Spambalg as Dr. Ana Kaufmann

Rose Whitwell as Cathy
Cristina Cooper as Jennifer
Gretchen Jacott as Sandra
Suzie Gardner as Erin
Craig Fabian as Paul Fergussen
Jacqueline Nagyhazy as Jackie
Hristo Ivanov as Jarod
Dexter Gardner as Michael
Christine M. Hollis as Melinda
Patrick C. Delaney as Philip Mc Govern
Jessica Oney as Veronica
Riccardo Spina as Enzo Fabrizi
Richard Cooper as David

Jillian Burgos as Nurse Sanchez
Jon Kaker as Thomas
Ariela Kantor as Amala
Ann Marie Ravens
Meredith McKenna as Sally Ann
Caitlin O’Brien as Katie
Aiden Leeder as Max
Elizabeth Erler as Helen, The Organist
Patti O’Toole as Sandra
Deanne Donovan as Tina
Sarita Guptaas Amala Shendrikar
John Meiojas as Jason

Release Dates
USA : 21 October 2016 (Los Angeles, California)
USA : 30 January 2018

Filming Locations
Los Angeles, California, USA
(on location)
New York, USA
(on location)
3555 Hayden Studios, Culver City, California, USA
(interview) (Larry King Interview)

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