The Yank

The Yank

The Yank is an independent comedy film directed and directed by Sean Lackey. A clumsy Irish-American travels to Ireland to attend the wedding of his best friend and finds the girl he dreamed of. However, when he fell in love with a Greek beauty rather than an Irish girl, he had to choose between family expectations and true love.

The Yank
The Yank

Irish-American Tom Murphy was the first person in his family to go to Ireland. His family thinks this is an opportunity to marry “his relatives”, so he must choose between what his family expects and what he really wants in his heart.

Directed by
Sean Lackey

Writing Credits
Sean Lackey

Fred Willard as Peter Murphy
Kevin P. Farley as Fred Finnegan
Colm Meaney as Fintan McGuire
Nicole Forester as Colleen
Martin Maloney as Declan Sweeney
Niki Spiridakos as Vanessa
Charlotte Bradley as Fiona McGuire
Annie Kitral as Mrs. Fitzgerald
Maryanne Nagel as Annie Murphy
Lynette Callaghan as Molly Sweeney
Nancy Telzerow as Sasha
Leilani Barrett as Rock Hall Security
David Goebel as Bar patron
Brian de Salvo as Hristos

Maya Sayre as Carmel
Derdriu Ring as Lilly O’Shea
Allen Kellogg as Marty
Maria Corell as Bernie
Maurice Wright as Finbar
Sean Lackey as Tom Murphy
Gene Foster as Uncle Anthony
Spencer Jay Kim as Ricardo
Christine Fallon as Sioban Murphy
Cody Dove as Stephen
David P. Thomas as Mr. Figler
Kevin McGinty as Mr. Fitzgerald
Johnjoe Hassett as Patron with poker
Brendan O’Neill as Bartender
Barb Dragony as Lizzy Murphy

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Bridie Cleary as Pub Owner
Peter Cleary as Pub Owner
John O’Neill as Alley Thug
Mike McChrystal as Airline Clerk
Mary Anne Farley as Pub Patron
Tina Callari as Airline Stewardess
Dennis O’Brien as Edmund
Pat Campbell as Bartender
Jeff Madisen as Airport Security
Billy Merriman as Pub Patron
Beth Duey as Theresa Murphy
Roger Weist as Airline Passenger
John Lackey as Mr. O’Shea
Sean Kelley as Pub Guitar Player

Anne McEvoy as Aunt Mary
Eileen Lackey as Airline Clerk
Billy Chambers as Neil Murphy
Chris Somrak as Airport Security
John Busser as Boris
Bridget Hehir as Bartender

The Yank
The Yank

This film is a satirical comedy about Americans who travel to Ireland or any other foreign country with high expectations. Since many Americans mistakenly view Ireland from John Wayne’s “The Quiet Man,” the film attempts to expose this absurdity in a “tongue and cheek” way.

Release Dates
USA : 19 March 2014 (Cleveland International Film Festival)
USA : 23 June 2014 (Manhattan Film Festival)
USA : 26 July 2014 (Kelleys Island Film Festival)
USA : 9 August 2014 (Massachusetts Independent Film Festival)
USA : 19 September 2014 (Big Bear Lake International Film Festival)
USA : 17 October 2014 (Chicago Comedy Film Festival)
USA : 17 October 2014 (First Glance Film Festival)
USA : 5 February 2015 (San Francisco Independent Film Festival)
USA : 20 February 2015 (Beloit International Film Festival)
USA : 26 February 2015 (Sedona Film Festival)
USA : 3 August 2015 (Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival)
Romania : 18 October 2015 (Comedy Cluj International Film Festival)
Romania : 24 October 2015 (Cluj Comedy Film Festival)
USA : 17 September 2018 (re-release)

Filming Locations :
Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Miltown Malbay, County Clare, Ireland
Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland
Guinness St. James’s Gate Brewery, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – One Key Plaza, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Irish Cultural Gardens, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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