Titanic II

Titanic II

“Titanic II” (also known as “Titanic 2”) is a 2010 live-action/animated comedy film directed by Shane Van Dyke, starring and released by The Asylum. Despite the title, it is not a sequel to the 1997 movie, but a shocking movie. It was released directly via television in Australia on August 7, 2010. It premiered on the Sky in Syfy, England, and Ireland on August 9. It was released in the United States on August 25.

The film was shot on the fictitious replica “Titanic”, which started exactly 100 years after the original ship’s first voyage and reversed voyage, but global warming and natural forces caused history to repeat itself on the same night but Caused a greater disaster and fatal scale.

Titanic II
Titanic II

In the Arctic waters near Helheim Glacier in Greenland, a person is surfing. This is caused by the waves caused by ice falling from the glacier into the sea due to the effects of global warming. However, a large part of the ice fell into the water and formed a particularly large wave. The surfer tried to escape from the waves, but it was too fast for him. In just a few seconds, the waves caught up with him, then drowned and killed him. US Coast Guard Captain James Maine was sent to Greenland to investigate. When he was with Dr. Brooke Burns, a large chunk of ice fell into the sea.

On April 10, 2012, the 100th anniversary of the launch of the RMS Titanic, the new similar-looking luxury cruise ship RMS Titanic II was named. She made her maiden voyage in the opposite direction of the Titanic (from New York City in the US to Southampton in the UK) 100 years ago. The captain of the ship, Will Howard (Douglas, Washington, DC) is commanding. The ship’s designer Hayden Walsh (Shane Van Dyke) and its nurses Amy Maine (Marie Westbrook) and Kelly Wade (Mechelle Glavan) are all on board.

During the Atlantic crossing, James Maine issued a tsunami warning to the crew. Maine warned that the tsunami would move any ice in the area. In order to get back to shore, before the waves, an engine was damaged, and a large iceberg crashed into the ship, injuring many passengers. The entire starboard and starboard lifeboat gangway was crushed. Haydn and Amy went back under the deck and found Kelly was seriously injured. The three escaped and walked to the upper deck.

Titanic II
Titanic II

At the same time, when returning to the north, another glacier produced a larger tsunami. During the evacuation, the ship’s turbines were under tremendous pressure. The turbine eventually exploded, killing many people, including Captain Howard. The explosion also caused tremendous firepower on the Titanic II, and the bow of the Titanic II sank while also tilting to the starboard side.

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Amy received a call from her father, who warned her to pay attention to the second wave and stay away from the lifeboats because they would be washed away by the waves. Maine ordered the three people to be transferred to the diving facility on the ship. Kelly was later killed because a heavy door killed her. When Haydn and Amy heard that someone was trapped, they took him to the diving facility. They tried to help him, but he died behind Carmen. When Haydn and Amy entered the diving facility, a second wave hit the boat, turning it upside down and destroying the lifeboat.

The ship’s diving facility only had an oxygen tank and diving suit, and Haydn gave it to Amy. Before dying his life for her, Hayden kissed Amy and told her with his last words that if he drowned before being rescued, he would bring him back to life. When the Maine captain arrived at the shipwreck, he swam inside to rescue Amy and Hayden. When Patterson boarded the life raft, his helicopter ran out of fuel and crashed. As the ship was flooded, “Titanic II” finally sank.

After James rescued them, Amy tried to recover Haydn, but it was too late. The number of injured passengers Amy and Haydn ordered his helicopter to take away (earlier in the film) is the only known survivor of the disaster.

For this movie, the RMS Queen Mary was anchored in hotel cruises and tourist attractions in Long Beach, California, and was used as a stand-in for the RMS Titanic II during the departure scene and part of the interior decoration. The ship was previously used as a synonym for the fictitious oil-filled ocean liner SS Poseidon in “The Adventures of Poseidon” (1972), and was used as the original RMS in the TV miniseries “SOS” in 1979 Titanic. Titanic.

Directed by
Shane Van Dyke

Writing Credits
Shane Van Dyke (written by)

Shane Van Dyke as Hayden Walsh
Marie Westbrook as Amy Maine
Bruce Davison as James Maine
Brooke Burns as Kim Patterson
Michelle Glavan as Kelly Wade
Carey Van Dyke as Elmer Coolidge
D.C. Douglas as Captain Howard
Dylan Vox as Dwayne Stevens
Wittly Jourdan as Elijia Stacks
Myles Cranford as Admiral Hadley
Josh Roman as Elliot Snipes
Cameron Gordon as Eric
Michael Gaglio as Daniels

Kendra Waldman as Madeline Kay (as Kendra Sue Waldman)
Matt Lagan as Commander Grey
Gerald Webb as XO
Amin Joseph as Lilac (as Amin Hotep)
Heather Nemeth as Kim’s Double
Sarah Belger as Casey
Paul Jacques as Helmsman
Wes Van Dyke as Surfer
Ryn Harrison as Brunette (as Sarah Kathryn Harrison)
Erica Duke as Blonde
Shannon Murray as Red Head
Lauren McClain as Crew Member #1
Randy Carter as Crew Member #2
John Napoleon as Crew Member #3
David Dustin Kenyon as Crew Member #4
Ricca Ayon as Background
Tamara-Michele as Background

Amy Smith as Background
Peter Smith as Background
Brian Woods as Background
Amanda Shafaghat as Background
Cindi Arrata as Background
Rebeca Arellano as Background
Scott Sabol as Background
Shurideh Afshar Irani as Background
Ally Roccamo as Background
Seth Burnham as Background
Mwoikai Roberts as Background
Napoleon Ryan as Background
Jessica Brink as Background
Javier Cortez as Background
Celestial Celestial as Background (as Cecile M. Johnson)
Pearlyn Henwick as Background

Elizabeth S. Calleros as Background
Matthew L. Taber as Background
Sean Beever as Background
Michèle Garcia as Background
Barbara Tuthill as Background
David Hidalgo as Background
Joe Fontano as Background
Amanda Brink as Background
Byron Leblanc as Background
Eric Jensen as Background
Jude Quinn as Jack Dawson’s ghost #1
Harmony Blossom as Reporter (uncredited)
Annie McCain Engman as Distressed Passenger (uncredited)
Lynda Fisher as Titanic II Passenger (uncredited)

Release Dates
Australia : 7 August 2010 (TV premiere)
UK : 9 August 2010 (TV premiere)
Ireland : 9 August 2010 (TV premiere)
USA : 24 August 2010
Belgium : 11 September 2010 (TV premiere)
Netherlands : 11 September 2010 (TV premiere)
Poland : 2 October 2010 (TV premiere)
Japan : 6 April 2011
Russia : 29 November 2011

Also Known As
(original title) : Titanic II
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) : Титаник 2
France : Titanic: Odyssée 2012
Germany (DVD box title) : Titanic 2 – Die Rückkehr
Greece : O Titanikos II
Japan (Japanese title) : タイタニック2012
Poland : Titanic II
Portugal : Titanic II
Russia : Айсберг
USA (alternative spelling) : Titanic 2

Filming Locations
Long Beach, California, USA
RMS Queen Mary – 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, California, 1 of Los Angeles, California, USA
San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, USA

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