Ultimate Justice

Ultimate Justice

Ultimate Justice : When one of their own family members is attacked, a group of former elite soldiers will be called back into action and start a brutal game of killing or being killed.

Ultimate Justice
Ultimate Justice

Ultimate Justice : Europe’s highest security agency VME-Vivere Military Force or To Live to Fight- is responsible for protecting packages (that is, valuable personnel). They will die among team members. They returned to the base and the head of the agency, Gus, and his superior, Hans Sturm, considered retirement and sold the company. They completed a transaction and gained a lot of money from the transaction. Their other teams have also retired, and they have gone their own way.

Hans kept in touch with Commander Gus. They go to parties together and are intoxicated. At the same time, they met a woman named Michaela. They both tried to get her attention. However, it seems that Michaela’s choice is the old man Hans. However, because Hans was drunk, he had to go home. Michael pulled him farewell.

Ultimate Justice
Ultimate Justice

The story happened about eight years later, and we discovered that Michaela and Hans got married. Gus was still nearby and went to see Hans with his girlfriend. There, Michaela revealed the difficulties with Hans, who seemed out of reach and worried about certain things. She asked Gus to talk to him. He did so and was told that Hans felt he was being watched. Gus was very funny about his former soldier’s boss but was distracted from going home because his girlfriend wanted to leave.

That night, the family was beaten. Hans was witnessed to the rape and murder of his wife by armed hooded men. Their daughter Annika was also kidnapped. Gus learned of his friends’ unfortunate experiences and promised to hold them accountable. He formed a team with his former VME colleagues. The hardest thing to get is to become a Franciscan monk Doc. But he also decided to help Gus stay loyal to their former commander. They established a command center and proceeded to investigate the case.

Ultimate Justice
Ultimate Justice

They started with CTV tapes, which caused the rapists to violate Michaela. They zeroed out the tattoo on his neck. They found a tattoo artist and forced him to reveal who he was doing tattoo work. It turned out to be his brother. They went for him, and a fight broke out between Gus’s team and the guy in the CTV’s work area with the tattoo guy. They conquered them and worked with them to reveal who they worked for.

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They coerced him by hanging him from a building and threatening him to place him further on the street. In charge of the entire operation is Julia, who acts as a sniper in another building. Apparently, she shot Rodowsky, and Rodowsky released their man to death. They chase after Julia, who apparently escaped, and Julia later claimed that she was hunting down a masked man, who knocked her down and shot Rodowski. We found that Julia and Doc are very close. She was the one who persuaded him to leave the Franciscans and join the team.

They are close to each other. Then, under the supervision of her own team, he will protect her. Gus doubted her, but Doc had a chance to get information from her. She fits in with her own story because she felt unwell while performing her duties and was beaten by the shooter for a while. Doc verified the facts, but listened to her heart with a stethoscope. Gus continued to seek leadership and was sent to the office.

At the same time, the armed hooded men found their command center and drove away Guth’s colleagues. When Gus and Doc attacked the office of the new owner of VME, they fended off the attack. Doc asked the office assistant to talk under extreme torture. The name he issued was the new owner of VME. They attacked him in his home and threatened to cut his daughter’s throat, thus demanding that Annika be captured. He led them to a mansion. It turned out to be the residence of Commander Hans. When Gus and Doc struggled to reach Hans in the mansion and found Annika, everything was shocking.

Apparently Doc was killed by a bullet from Hans’ pistol. Gus has forgotten the answer. Gus spotted Hans in the living room watching cartoons on the computer with Annika, and Hans aimed his gun at her. Gus asked for an explanation. Hans expressed his dissatisfaction with Gus, who slept with Michaela at a drunk party. Most importantly, Annika turned out to be Gus’s daughter. When he married Michaela, she was already pregnant with Gus’ child. For eight years, he suffered this humiliating truth.

Ultimate Justice
Ultimate Justice

He wanted to return to Michaela and Gus, came up with this wild goose hunting plan, and hired his former security company to complete the job. In the ensuing battle, Doc appeared again and helped Gus fight Hans, and Hans gained an advantage over Gus after stabbing Hans. Gus eventually killed Hans.

Ultimate Justice : It has been eight years since Commander Hans Sturm successfully completed his last mission. He lived a normal life with his wife Michaela and daughter Annika before signing the security company. The most trustworthy soldier under the commander’s leadership is Gus. Although two soldiers were lost in the process, he ignored the order to rescue his team in the last mission. Hans informed Gus that he felt he was being watched. After Gus left, Hans was right. Hans was beaten by a group of masked men and was taken to the hospital, but was beaten and killed by Michaela, and Annika was not taken to the hospital before being kidnapped.

After learning what had happened, Guth decided to reform his elite soldiers. Joe, Benny, Julia, Frank, Henry, and computer expert Flo formed a team, and they united to help track Annika and avenge Mikaela. However, when Gus planned to bring Doc back to his life, Doc was initially unwilling because he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, which made him a monk. Finally, Doc rejoined the team, and these soldiers were ready to perform their most dangerous mission to date.

Director Martin-Christopher Bode (Martin-Christopher Bode) directed the action movie fans in this film as the main target. There are many chorus actors in this film, including Mark Dacascos, Matthias Hues and Mike Möller, the lead singer of one million K(l)icks. The film makes full use of its geographical location in Germany to create a story that may be reminiscent of the 1980 American martial arts film “Kill Squad”, where an elite military team reunite Help their former commander. However, the script of this movie was produced by Marco Theiss. It was twisted and twisted, leading to many action scenes, which was very exciting.

Dacascos plays the role of Gus, who remains loyal to his former boss (played by Wolfgang Riehm). As the “leader” in the reunion mission, Gus sometimes seems to maximize his feelings, which may lead to differences among members. Brandon Rhea also showed outstanding performance, just like Doc, he changed from torture to tortured soul, so he appeared as a monk before joining the team.

Mike Leeder is also the executive producer of the film. He showed the toughest role as a team member Joe with a rude attitude, and Mike Möller relies on his impressive martial arts skills Will shock the fans, which also brings him boring freedom. Use some useful hurricanes to solve it. Möller was also responsible for the fighting scenes of the movie, which impressed everyone.

Matthias Hues (Matthias Hues) is famous for his role in the American B-movie action movies in the 90s, and as the film’s premiere, played in “Don’t Back Down, Don’t Surrender II: The Raging Thunder” Villain role. When the soldier became the policeman Henry, Henry Muller brought a fighting style.

Ultimate Justice
Ultimate Justice

Yazmeen Baker, brought by sniper Julia, made Rhea’s Doc a key figure in the whole story through one of the main changes in the film. Martin Baden brought a relaxed feeling to the film in the role of the team’s technical expert Flo. Although Flor did not participate in the competition as expected, his skills helped the task.

If you like action movies, “The Final Judgement” must be on your list. This is an ensemble actor, and you will like to see what they do best: kick their butts and get names, kick more butts, and get more names. The intricate and wonderful story also helps to promote the development of the film.

Vision Films and International Film Partners showcased the work of Silent Partners. Director: Martin Christopher Porter. Producer: Ruediger W. Kuemmerle. Author: Marco Theiss, based on the original story of “don-e”. Photography: Alois Knapps. Editor: Daniel Weber and Andreas Ullah.

Directed by
Martin Christopher Bode

Writing Credits
Marco Theiss (written by)
Mike Leeder (English version)
Nicola Nauen (screenplay consultant)

Mark Dacascos as Gustav-Ferdinand ‘Gus’ von Behren
Brandon Rhea as Andreas ‘Doc’ Clemens
Matthias Hues as Frank Radowsky
Mike Möller as Benjamin ‘Benny’ Scholz
Mike Leeder as Joachim ‘Joe’ Weller
Wolfgang Riehm as Oberstleutnant Hans-Georg ‘Commander’ Sturm
Martin Baden as Florian ‘Flo’ Weisshaupt
Henry Muller as Heinrich ‘Henry’ Stelle
Verena Konietschke as Nicole ‘Nicki’ Schweizer
Bartholomäus Kowalski as VME Mr. König
Yazmeen Baker as Julia Schwertbacher
Gerrit Grass as Andre Laubach

Mathis Landwehr as Thomas Brenner
Sandra Tauro as Michaela Sturm
Susen Ermich as Diana Bachman
Fabienne Daumler as Annika Sturm
Linus Fluhr as Paul Steinbach
Julita Witt as Jacqueline Gaugele
Wesley Howard as Hooligan Fighter
Max Fuhrmann as Martin Lubitsch
Steffen Jung as Günther Klopp
Tanay Genco Ulgen as Andrej Radek
Sebastian Ennen as Ruszew
Eva Engesser as VME Receptionist
Isabel Grimsel as Dr. Schneider
Emanuel Bettencourt as Construction Worker Fighter

Lena-Marie Seyfarth as Junge Frau
Muhammed Aksoy as Poser Kevin
Harald Kälberer as Inspector Braun
Matthias Schendel as Tattoo Artist Gino
Marco Theiss as Customer Fast Food
Hanno Friedrich as Policeman Mr. Diestl
André Thaldorf as Kilian Burkhardt
Tanja Keller as Poser Fiona
Raffael Jeschke as Security Temur
Bernhard Häfner as Security Bernie
Lee Huang as Security Tiger
Rebecca Hildebrandt as Geburtstagsgast
Andy Haug as Security Brahim
Roland Hakenberg as Construction Worker

Chris Angriss as Security Chris
Mike Luft as Security Michael
Alexander Mack as Poser Perry
Martin Mann as Construction Worker
Bernd Pietsch as VME Biker 1
Lutz Schleisner as VME Biker 2
Christian Petersson as VME Biker 3
Harald Pucher as Security Julius
Yamil Ray as Security Jin
Robert Schenker as Security Bobby
Konstantin Schmid as Construction Worker
Igor Tjumenzev as Security Igor
Michael Winter as Security Mike

Siggi Polap as Tattooed Bodyguard
Norbert Barf as Pitt Breur
Gunter Rau as Gerichtsdiener Schmitz
Rob Alex as VME Security
Michael Chan as Prince Romeo Bagman (torture scene)
Joe Fiorello as Deep Throat (torture scene)
Christopher Giblin as Chunk (torture scene)
Kate Hawkins as Julia Schwertbacher (voice)
Cici Zhang as Mermaid (torture scene)

Release Dates
USA : 3 October 2017 (internet)

Also Known As
(original title) : Ultimate Justice
Hungary : Teljes leszámolás
Hungary (alternative title) : Teljes leszámolás – Vivere Militare Est
Japan (Japanese title) : アルティメット・ジャスティス
Portugal : Justiça Final – Vivere Militare Est
Russia : Окончательный приговор

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