Without Warrant

Without Warrant

Without Warrant: A young by-the-book detective partners with an experienced and rebellious undercover police officer to solve a brutal gang murder case.

Without Warrant
Without Warrant

In order to prevent gang wars, Detective Jewel cooperates with the rogue secret police Mike Calis. The police must uncover the truth behind the murder day and night. The deeper they delve into, the larger the deception network.

Without Warrant
Without Warrant

Directed by
Michael Adante

Writing Credits
Michael Adante

D.J. Foster as David Flanagan
Leo Taylor as Sergeant Brady
Claudia Buttazzoni as Amber Jewel
Jim Daly as George Watts
Dorothy Yu as Bao’s Mum
Vince Gill as Old Prison Guard
Christabelle Sved as The Buyer’s Wife
David Robinson as PatrolmanThe Buyer’s Wife
David Barry as Detective James Jewel
Laurent Boulanger as Detective
Andie Boye as Uniform Cop
John Brumpton as William Kemp
Christopher Elliott as Albert Tarrena

Tim Ferris as William Sumner
John Flaus
Craig Fong as Bao Tang
Ferdinand Hoang as Mr. Tang
Louise Howlett as Flanagan’s Wife
Andy McPhee as Seargent Mike Calis
Alfred Nicdao as Benny Lo
Peter Phelps as The Buyer
Jo Stanley as Back Alley Junkie
Steve Syson as Bill sumners partner
Anthony Wemyss as Dr. Dallas Johns
Gerwin Widjaja as Tran Lo
David Bradshaw as Inspector (uncredited)

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Release Dates
Australia : 2007
USA : 8 August 2007 (Rhode Island International Film Festival)
USA : 24 March 2009 (DVD premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : Without Warrant
Australia (working title) : First 12
Australia (complete title) : The Line
Italy : Senza mandato

Filming Locations
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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