Zoombies is a 2016 American television production sci-fi action horror film directed by Glenn R. Miller and written by Scotty Mullen. The story tells the story of a small group of staff and some visitors at a zoo that is about to open. The zoo is infected with a mysterious virus that turns these animals into aggressive zombies seeking meat. The sequel/prequel “Zoombies 2” was released on March 26, 2019.


Eden Wildlife Zoo is a zoo of endangered animals. It is about to celebrate the birthday of internship. College students apply for jobs when interns visit the zoo. At the same time, some monkeys in the zoo suffered from unknown diseases and were sent to clinics. Veterinarians used intracardiac adrenaline (a prohibited serum) to save the lives of monkeys suffering from cardiac arrest. Infectious pathogens spread to all monkeys in the room, turning them into zombies with predatory behavior on humans. They attacked the veterinarian and killed two of them, while the remaining one managed to activate the alarm.

When the college students arrived, the alarm reached the safe area of ​​the zoo. Johnny, one of the security team members, decided to check the vet himself. However, when he did not return, the security team, accompanied by college student Gage, went to the clinic. After arriving there, they found that Johnny and two of the veterinarians had died. The remaining veterinarian, Dr. Gordon, is still alive.

The monkey faced a group of people violently and killed two guards. Gage, the head of Rex’s security department, and newly hired Lizzy Hogan managed to escape. The manager of the zoo, Ellen Rogers, heard the messy news and put the zoo in confinement. The disease spread throughout the zoo, infecting a group of wild boars that attacked three students. When Lizzy, Gage and Rex arrived, they were being attacked by an infected giraffe, killing two of the students.

They managed to rescue the remaining student Amber, but Gage was injured in the process. Because Lizzy and Rex tend to hurt Gage’s wounds, Amber stole Rex’s jeep. Lizzy, Gage and Rex are forced to use a group of uninfected elephants as a means of transportation.


A police team came to eliminate the threat, but was killed by a group of infected lions. At the same time, Amber reached the front door and asked Ellen, who was monitoring the security camera, to open it. A gray wolf suddenly attacked her. Allen’s daughter Thea was subsequently attacked by an infected koala, but she killed her with a baseball bat. Allen checked the koala’s blood and found that the disease was caused by an unknown enzyme found in the koala’s cerebral cortex.

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She encouraged the bird protector Chelsea to release the birds to prevent infection, but to no avail. At the same time, Lizzy, Gage and Rex were attacked by a group of infected lemurs, and Rex was injured. One of the workers, Duxton and his intern A.J. managed to fend off zombies, and the organization took refuge in the gorilla laboratory. Duxton went to inspect the endangered Cross River gorilla Kiefer at the zoo and found that he was infected. Kifo killed him and invaded the laboratory. Rex stabbed him, but Keef beheaded Rex in revenge.

Lizzy, Gage, and A.J. escaped and found a jeep with a faint and dying amber color. Amber died, and the group was attacked by a group of infected lions while removing their bodies. They managed to kill the lion, but accidentally hit the jeep in the process. Then they tried to reach the clock tower using the unfinished zipline. A.J. died in the process. The team reunited with Ellen and Thea and came up with the theory that the birds had been infected.

They decided to use a series of gas tanks to set fire to the birdhouse, but before doing so, Lizzy and Gage entered the house to rescue Chelsea and her intern Ricky. However, they soon discovered that they were all killed by the infected birds and escaped. Allen reluctantly set the aviary on fire, and they used Allen’s truck to detonate another explosion, killing the birds. Kifo then appeared and chased the group to the gate, where Ellen appeared to kill him. Then the four people were rescued by helicopter. However, after they were rescued, Kiefer regained consciousness, indicating that he was still alive.

Directed by
Glenn Miller (as Glenn R. Miller)

Writing Credits
Scotty Mullen (screenplay by)

Ione Butler as Leslie “Lizzy” Hogan
Andrew Asper as Gage
LaLa Nestor as Thea
Kim Nielsen as Dr. Ellen Rogers
Marcus Anderson as Rex
Brianna Chomer as Amber
Aaron Groben as A.J.
Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau as Daxton
William McMichael as Boris
Reuben Uy as Ty
Isaac Anderson as Ricky
Tammy Klein as Chelsea
Cedric Jonathan as Johnny
Joe Conti as Monte Zuigen
Noa Pharaoh as Dr. Gordon
Jennifer Titus as Robin
Michael Delgado as Gus
Jay Kwon as Kyle
Bryan Sloyer as Robbie

Release Dates
USA : 1 March 2016 (DVD premiere)
Germany : 29 April 2016 (DVD premiere)
Australia : 18 May 2016 (DVD premiere)
UK : 13 June 2016 (DVD premiere)
Japan : 17 July 2016 (Qualite Fantastic Cinema Collection)
Italy : 15 February 2017 (DVD premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : Zoombies
Australia : Zoombies
Canada (English title) : Zoombies
Greece : Zoombies
Japan (English title) : Zoombie
Japan (Japanese title) : ZOOMBIE ズーンビ
Russia : Зоозомби
UK : Zoombies
USA : Zoombies

Filming Locations
Arcadia, California, USA

Music by
Christopher Cano

Bryan Koss

Edited by
James Kondelik

Distributed by
The Asylum

Release date
March 1, 2016 (US)

Running time
87 minutes

United States


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